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(proposal) Van - Det, Van - Bos

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To be honest I'd do the second trade in a heartbeat. Maybe throw in a 5th round pick for Boston, or for us, and that is a trade I can live with.

The Detroit trade, I could see it happening seeing as that Detroit has many other prospects that can replace Jurco. We might need to throw in a pick just to secure it. Hamhuis will definitely strengthen their top 4. But to be honest, Hamhuis is valuable to us because he's offensively and defensively good and can help mentor our d prospects in the future.

Otherwise, best proposal I've seen these days.

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Detroit has only 1 RHD. Adding another lefty isnt ideal. But value is there. Still wouldnt do it as Hammer is more valuable to this team.

Morrow has bounced around a lot and never established himself. If we can actually give him a consistent spot on the roster i would do it. If hes going to be a depth or Utica player i wouldnt.

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To Det: Hammer (assuming he waives)

To Van: Jurco and Smith

To Bos: Kassian

To Van: Morrow

Interesting proposals.

1. Detroit proposal-There's a pretty decent chance Hammer wouldn't waive.

In addition, this deal makes Canucks immediately weaker. That would be inconsistent with Benning's comments (confirmed Fri morning on TSN Radio) about trying to stay competitive and make the playoffs this year and to do everything (without trading prospects or draft picks) to make the team stronger now.

This would have a better chance of working in the summer, though even then there's the question about whether it makes the Canucks too much weaker in the short term.

2. Boston proposal-my how things change. This makes a lot of sense right now. It would have looked silly a few months ago.

It might leave Vancouver needing to dump a d-man contract, either through trade or not re-signing one of their FA d-men in the summer.

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