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Who are the Vezina Candidates as it stands right now?

Here's my order and their average stats

1. Pekka Rinne

0.78 wins - 0.931 - 1.96 - 0.08 shutouts

Obviously the front Runner

2. Carey Price

0.66 wins - 0.927 - 2.19 - 0.06 shutouts

3. Henrik Lundqvist

0.65 wins - 0.920 - 2.26 - 0.15 shutouts

4. Ryan Miller

0.69 wins - 0.918 - 2.32 - 0.16 shutouts

5. Roberto Luongo

0.49 wins - 0.924 - 2.33 - 0.06 shutouts

6. Craig Anderson

0.41 wins - 0.927 - 2.33 - 0.10

7. Marc Andre Fleury

0.61 wins - 0.921 - 2.33 - 0.17 shutouts


Quick and Rask aren't having great seasons.

Bishop and Varly have struggled, Varly is making up for lost time but only 11 wins.

Halak, Howard, Andersen, Bobrovsky all with decent numbers.

Mason and Holtby with surprisingly good numbers so far.

Hiller started great but cooling off

Elliott seems to be on the rise as well

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i think miller could get it by end of yr. the team did ok with out our best dman for almost 2 months now thats hes back maybe we go on a run especially if benning makes a few trades to shore up the lineup (richardson, sbisa, weber, hansen, higgins and apparently kassian could get unloaded) let the youth come up and change the dcorp a bit please

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I know I'm known to be a big homer on here but Miller has the second best winning percentage on a team that finished 6th last the previous season.

His s% is trending upwards as well. I think he'll definitely finish top 5 in voting this year. He's making saves when it matters most.

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Top 5 for me:

1. Pekka Rinne

2. Carey Price

3. Roberto Luongo

4. Braden Holtby

5. Craig Andersen

Lundqvist is doing well, but not stellar, thus he's not in the running as of now IMO. Lu is having a great comeback year and is again one of the best in the league. Holtby is underrated, but is stealing the show in Washington. For me, Miller is about 10-12 right now, but that could improve if he keeps playing well, obviously.

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