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Luongo does a solid for Vancouver...


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Always like Lu...classy guy....this from Canuck Feed...

Luongo shows incredible class and does a solid for Vancouver!
January 19, 2015

It’s not hard to imagine a long list of reason why Roberto Luongo would wanna forget about his time in Vancouver and leave the city in his past.

However to his credit he has always demonstrated a great deal of class and respect when it comes to his former team, and today he provided yet another example of that. Luongo signed his equipment from the notorious Heritage Classic game that ended his tenure in Vancouver.

You would think it would be a sore subject for the winningest goaltender in Canucks history, but he did it anyways to benefit a children’s charity , the Canucks for Kids Foundation. He even made a joke on twitter about how the equipment was “brand new” and had “never been used.”

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Funny how Lack never saw the start coming, yet had full heritage classic starters gear made up for the event.

I can't think of any examples where the backups didn't get equipment made up, at least a mask. Even if they don't get to use it they can auction it off to charity.

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I think that's what every goalie does every year when their team is part of the Heritage/Winter Classic. Just doing it to get in with the whole nostalgia of it.

I think backups do it, but on a lesser scale. Lack got the full treatment. Not a bad look for a... last-minute thing.

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