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[Value Of] Kassian+Bieksa+Lack package

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Like the title says. What could we get for this package?

Byfuglien/E.Kane? Maybe to Philly for B.Schenn+L.Schenn?

The Jets are stacked on defense, and wouldn't trade their best player this season and top defenseman for that package alone.

Second, they don't need Lack, as Hutchinson and Pavelec are splitting duties, with Hutch outplaying Pav.

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Unfortunately, I think all three of them are low in trade value right now.

Kassian has been slumping, hurt part of the year and been a healthy scratch several times

Lack has had a somewhat rough go of it. To start the year he played good teams, almost always when the Canucks were on the back end of back to backs, and sometimes sat two weeks at a time with no action. I don't think he's been his sharpest lately, the Canucks haven't played well in front of him and I don't think he's worth any more (and maybe less) than Dubnyk, who was recently trade for a 3rd rounder.

Bieksa is looking like someone reaching the end of the line. I hope he isn't, but his play this season hasn't been up to his standards from past years.

None of them are likely to fetch a good return right now. A package of all three would also not be likely to bring as much of a return as we might think the players are worth.

Bieksa is of course on a full ntc.

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Bieksa wont waive, unless maybe hes asked to he may take offense but i doubt he will.

kassian- seems unenthused to play for us, did you see him after the game, didnt look happy and we just won...

lack- We trade him to allow markstrom a chance to be backup and see if he can maybe be the no.1 after miller. Also he would be nice to keep to see if he pans out in that luongo deal.

In acouple years if we can Have Markstrom as our starter and Matthias still patrolling our 3rd line i think the trade doesnt look bad at all. If markstrom is traded for futures or nothing and matthias doesnt re up we lost luu for nothing...

a Lack Kassian package is possible just gotta find right team.

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