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Mafia: The city of New York VS Al-Qaeda (Signups closed)


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Normal Gameplay


Mafia Roles:

(For the sake of discrimination, Osama will be the only "character" name used.)

Osama Bin Mohammed Bin Awad Bin Laden- You act as the kingpin, investigating once every 2nd round. You also come up as TP in investigation.

Regular mafia- You act as a regular mafia, but you can have influence in the mafia kill

Strongman- a role modifier that signifies that any kills performed by this player cannot be blocked by any means - neither by Bulletproof, nor by Doctor or other protective roles, nor by Roleblocks. It is, however, trumped by roles that prevent the victim from being targeted at all, namely Commuterand Hider.

TP Roles:

Masons -a group of players who can speak to each other privately and know that everyone in their group is not a member of the Mafia. Whether the Masons' ability to privately communicate can be used at any time or at Night only is up to the moderator's discretion. The number of Masons can vary from game to game, and it is not impossible for there to exist separate Mason groups within the same game.

Commuter- a role that "leaves Town" each Night, thus making them ineligible to be targeted by Night actions. By extension, they cannot use any Night actions they may have.

Because they cannot use Night actions, almost all Commuters are pro-Town.

It is worth noting that because in flavor it physically leaves the game for the Night instead of being protected somewhere in Town, Commuter is considered the ultimate in Untargetability, trumping even things like Strongman.
To lesson the strenth commuters may only have their ability intact on even rounds

Miller- (sometimes called an Outsider) is a role or role modifier such that the player passively returns an unfavorable result (i.e. Guilty) if investigated by a Cop.

Vig- Able to submit a kill every night.

NYPD Detective John Locke.(Not at all related to the mafia player)
You investigate every round. You will get to know the role of the person.

Doctor/Bulletproof- You have the ability to save anyone at anyround. However you are limited to taking one bullet.


01. Please get actions submitted before 8:45 PST. Votes can be submitted until 9.

02. Players must submit at least 1 vote every 2 rounds. If you go 2 rounds without voting, I will not hesitate to kill you.

03. Editing posts is not allowed. First time you get a warning. After that it's a godkill.

04. Last words are for lynched players only. Special kills do not get last words.

05. Once you're dead, do not interfere, as it ruins the game for others.

06. You may not invite players into a host PM. You may not quote a host PM, and no screenshots are allowed.

07. Claiming to ban yourself from future games to prove innocence is not allowed, and making people swear on their innocence is also not tolerated.

08. Any insults of any kind are not allowed, and depending on the severity may result in a godkill (Example: homophobic/racial slurs).

Kill Order

1) Godkill

2) Lynch

3) Twinblade

4) Serial Killer

5) Mafia

6) Vigilante

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Player list:

1. Captain not so serious.
2. Mr. I'm TP for the 10th time
3. SS JohnLocke
4. Dral "Too cool to not have a longer name"
5. g_bassi13 (I got nothing)
6. Burr da unsuccessful survivor host.
7. In
8. Time to time time.
9. What a Faulking great name.
10. 911
11. The wise one. (Not the one you're thinking about, the other wise one)
13. Small Mike
14. Kesler
15. BLT or whatever his name was
16. KingKing Heffy
17. Victorias Secret
18. Oranges
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