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Lookout, Miller is in Top 10 in GAA


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That's where he should be. Being paid as a top ten goaltender, and he's really come on strong in terms of consistency recently.

People didn't want to accept the fact that his 900% through twenty games was horrendous because we were winning games..

now since we haven't been able to score recently, his goaltending is the only reason we are winning games.

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so, our teams defence is doing rather well. that's what GAA means. SV% is the definitive goalie stat.

Miller's save% has climbed from the depths earlier this season to .919, just a little better than his career average. It doesn't rate that highly among the league goaltenders, but in his last 10 games his sv% is something like .957, which is just sensational, and he hasn't had a single poor game.

ok, his sv% isn't among the league leaders, but can anyone imagine a better run than Miller's had his last 10 games?

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