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Kickstarter: Shadowrun: Hong Kong


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Hey everyone,

I don't start a ton of posts in this section, in fact I think it's my first.

Anyway, Harebrained Schemes is an indi-developer, and the owner is Jordan Weisman who was the sole creator of a game called Shadowrun.

It started out as a paper and pen roll playing game, mixing the concepts of Cyberpunk and High Fantasy (Elves, Dwarves, Dragons, Magic etc) into a futuristic dystopian society where everything is ruled by mega corporations.

Back in 2011/2012 they (HBS) developed the first of a series of games called Shadowrun Returns (isometric top down style, compatible with PC, mobile and tablet).

That first Kickstarter raised over 1.8 Million on an initial pledge of $400,000. That money turned into the original game, a full follow up campaign extension, and a full stand alone with many engine improvements to the campaign extension.

HBS is back to Kickstarter for their next game, Shadowrun Hong Kong, except this time they're only asking for co-funding. They've already budgeted and have begun development on the game. Their initial pledge was 100K, and to date are closing in on 600K.

HBS has the track record to back up the balls to go back to Kickstarter after already earning 1.8 Million, and imo they've earned the right to. Basically everything being funded are stretch goals.. additional things they couldn't fit into the budget for the project.

If this sounds at all interesting to you guys, I invite you to check out the Kickstarter page. There are stretch goals planned for beyond the 700K mark. Oh and one more thing, they are making this game PC only, so it will be a much better looking/performing game once it's released!


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I have read all of that series.

I'd totally be in, I remember playing the original shadowrun on Sega Genesis. Was terrible. I loved it too.

Thanks for the heads up

Yeah it's such a rad game. There's actually a UGC (User Generated Content) expansion that someone has done, that pays homage to the old Genesis game, open world concept etc, although it's unfinished (but playable). Someone has also gone to the effort to "recreate" the SNES version.

Tons of potential, and the games themselves are really solid

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