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(Armchair GM'ing) Canucks in 2 years.

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Armchair GM'ing the Canucks.

So talks right now point towards a goalie being traded.

Hopefully, the trade brings in a top 6 winger under the age of 26... (Yea good luck... I know)

Vrbata: Next season is the last on his contract. We should eat some of it, and deal him to a very strong team. Bring back some picks and prospects. Also, give him a cup chance.

Miller: He has two more years. In two years, Demko could be ready to be a back up. With Lack gone, if we move Miller at the deadline in two years, we will be left with Markstrom and Demko. Miller could be moved to a strong team with weak goaltending. We could eat his contract and also bring back solid players/prospects.

Lets say Lack is traded for X


X Bonino Jensen

Sedin Sedin Virtanen

Shinkaruk Horvat someone (McCann/Gaunce/etc)

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When you come to think of it, Benning should have probably tried his hardest to get the 1st overall pick because we really don't have a future #1C in the next 3-4 years. Horvat will probably have to take those minutes when he's around 22 and Henrik is around 37 which will be tough and might cause some problems if no one fills that role. Maybe Henrik plays easy minutes while Horvat tries to shutdown, play defensive zones, etc.

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Markstrom and Demko as our goalies in two years? I don't trust that. I am not saying they won't be good in the future but in two at best Markstrom would have what 1-1.5 seasons of back-up experience? He will probably need like 2+ seasons before he can slot into the no. 1 role. It would be like Lack being the no.1 next season....not going to happen.

Obviously things can change, I mean hell predicting what this team will be like in 3 mnths is hard enough, never mind 2 years.

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2017-18? Impossible to know. If all our prime forward prospects make the jump...

Sedin - Sedin - Virtanen
Shinkaruk - Horvat/McCann - Vey
Burr - Horvat/McCann - Jensen/Kassian
Gaunce - Cassels - Hansen/Kassian?

Players I could see gone by this point - Richie, Dorsett, Higgins, Matthias
Players I could see staying around longer than 3 years - Burrows, Hansen, Bonino

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One benefit to Benning is perspective?

Who would have thought 63rd overall pick David Krecji, at 6' 188 lbs, would have been a top line center on a cup winning team?

Maybe thats why he is high on McCann??? And if McCann does not fill the donut, then you continue drafting guys like that. One will step up to the table!

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