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(proposal) Carolina - Vancouver, Wash - Vancouver

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Lack + Kassian for Carolina's 2015-2nd + 2015-3rd

Solid trade for Carolina......they get a good back up goalie, with starting goalie potential

.......they get a 2/3 left winger that has offensive upside

Solid for Vancouver, as they get a 35 OA and a 65 OA in a very strong draft.....my view is that 35 OA is equal to an average years 20-25th OA, the 65th probably has a mid second value

Higgins for Washington for their 2nd (48 OA)

This gives us Van's 1st (14 to 18 OA) ,

Car 2nd (35th OA),

Van's 2nd (44-48 OA),

Wsh's 2nd ( 48-52 OA)

Car 3rd (65 OA),

That is not bad for moving a back up, deadwood, and an older player...and frees up lots of cap to sign our UFA's and RFA's and Tanev (rfa)

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I like the first deal. Doesn't change much in terms of players for a playoff push if we make the playoffs and gives us assets we could then use at the deadline if thats the way jim wants to go.

I wouldn't do the 2nd deal just because we can trade Higgins pretty much at any time. He has 2 years left and will be valuable if we make the playoffs. His value is low right now as he is snake bitten. If he has a good end to the season/playoffs maybe a team gives up an earlier 2nd at the draft for him.

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I think a more interesting landing spot for Higgins would be Winnipeg. Higgins would be a huge upgrade for their bottom six, slotting in Chris Thorburn's spot (Thorburn with only 5 points in 47 gp. Galiardi with only 1 point in 25 gp.) The only problem is Winnipeg could be on his "no trade" list.

Higgy to Winnipeg for 2015 2nd or '15 and '16 3rd round picks.

Another proposal could be Higgy for '15 3rd + 7th and Brenden Kitchon (D Prospect). Note we don't have 3rd or 7th round picks for this upcoming draft. Kitchon is a great prospect, but his value could be lower to the Jets orginization because of the likes of Morrissey, Chariot and others ahead of him on their depth chart.

Just my 2 cents.

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Kassian stats so far this season

He really has contributed very little, in fact his +/- and penalty mins and drama are a burden

He has 4 more points than Sestito, who has only played 3 games!

Games / 24

Goals / 2

Asst / 3

+ - / -7 ( 2nd Lowest , Only Sbisa is worse)

PIM / 30 min.

ATOI / 12 min. 38 sec

BLKS / 2

HITS / 30

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These trades would leave the Canucks with the following roster forwards:

Daniel, Henrik, Vrbata, Bonino, Matthias, Vey, Burrows, Richardson (currently hurt), Dorsett, Horvat, Hansen.

That is 11, one of whom is currently hurt. It's reasonable to expect that much of the time there will be at least one forward hurt, which would mean that the Canucks should have at least 13 roster forwards plus at least one in Utica for injury callups.

Despite the rough years Kassian and Higgins are having they're still NHL players and still contribute. Higgins is actually T1 among the Canucks in +/- at + 8 and 3rd in Corsi relative to competition according to http://www.nucksmisconduct.com/2015/1/23/7876771/canucks-stats-leaders-at-the-all-star-break, which would indicate that despite his lack of scoring his team does better when he's on the ice. Kassian is more problematic-he has a bad +/- but a good CF%relTM (4th on the Canucks right now) and his game seems to be struggling recently.

That is, I think they contribute more than some others believe. From reading CDC I get the feeling some consider that neither Higgins nor Kassian helps the team at all, a sentiment with which I disagree.

One spot might be taken by Jensen if he's fully healthy and fit.

For those who believe in bringing kids up as development one of the other prospects could come up, but imo at the risk of harming their development by bringing them up an extra step before they're ready. Pretty clearly it isn't something the Canucks have been inclined to do-neither past regimes nor this one has been quick to bring up young players before they learn the game in the minors.

It's tempting to bring up a non-prospect or lesser prospect (O'Reilly, Jeffrey, DeFazio are the top 3 scorers in Utica at present) to get all those draft picks, but it would seem inconsistent with Canucks stating they'll do all they can to make the playoffs this year (without trading picks or prospects to do so.)

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Well based on your view of this years draft aren't they giving up a little much for Kassian(RW) and Lack, an early 2nd rd pick basically being a 1st and a 3rd basically being a 2nd? Because i'm sure Francis knows how good this draft is supposed to be as well.

I think Washington would want a top 6 scorer if anything, they are kind of like Vancouver with 1 first line and a bunch of 3rd line tweeners.

The draft sure would be exciting with all of those picks though.

I think if anything, 2nd and 3rd is underpayment.

Dubby got a 3rd

Lack is move valuable than Dubby

Not to mention kassian being a former first rounder and still developing.

Francis would do it in a heartbeat if he knows anything. I wouldn't do it as a canucks pov

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Come on Pears

Everyone knows our cast offs are worthless and get less than market value..........everyone knows that!

But while you are reading this.......why don't you make some suggestions........who we are going to sign, who are going to promote, who are we going to just walk, who are we going to trade and for what........

We await your answers.........no need to collect someone else's castoffs, we are knee deep in 3 and 4 liners.......we need top end players! Both first line and first pairing dmen.........

Just for the record........I bet my way gets you more chance than yours........cause no one is going to give you equal trades........so picks in a deep draft are my way of having a chance at those....the picks are just tools, for example......Benning may come across a opportunity where he wants to move up in the draft, or may have a chance at a falling star....either way, those 2nds may come in pretty handy......

But that's just my take...your turn!

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As for these 3 players

Well again we have a goalie controversy .........having 3 goalies expecting to have a chance at the back up position....one that is a year away from UFA, one that is going to be a RFA, and one that might as well go back to Sweden...or so he says.....

I am trading Lack because he gets us the Best draft Position........but it's not a first

Kassian has a lot of potential, but so far potential wasted..........put him with Lack and they may bring a bottom of the first or early second pick in a draft where if it's in the top 5 or so, will be every bit as good as some years mid firsts....

Think of it as, Lack and Kassian getting us a mid/late 1st and a mid/late 2nd and it doesn't sound so bad

Higgins is just a good trade this year, as he is just young enough to bring us a late 2nd, and his talent is very defensively dependable, and he has a good cap hit.......he may bring a 4th or 5th as well?

Obviously these are just ideas.......for now, I waiting for Pears idea's

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Just a question that arises out of this post...

would you rather have Kassian over Richardson

OR...............................Kassian over Matthais

Or.................................Kassian over Dorsett

Because by the end of the year, that may be what it comes down to...........personally, I would take them all over Kassian at this point........potential be damned!

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Change Kassian + Lack to Kassian + Markstrom; get back Carolina's third this year along with a conditional pick next year that is minimum 4th but could improve to 2nd. I could see a GM biting on this one a little more readily. Too many people, and I agree, give Kassian very little market value right now. I prefer to see Lack staying here; he remained in the NHL over Markstrom this year largely because, maybe, he's better?! That and his personality seems to be so easy going that he likely keeps the guys loose; one thing about past teams is that they seemed to be almost too business like and didn't get up or down. Markstrom, like Kassian, has "potential" written all over him, but if he couldn't get further along in his career in Florida when they didn't have a star in front of him, then I don't know about his likelihood of future success.

Higgins, I keep at least until the year is over. He has too much value in his ability to slide up/down the lines here, he has a nice cap friendly contract and he genuinely seems committed to Vancouver.

Lastly, with only one gone, we keep 12 forwards here. I would like to see all four of Jensen, Shinkaruk, Guance and Grenier given 5 games up here, if for nothing more than to get them some practice team with the big club, and maybe a paycheck boost to help their morale; who knows, maybe one (or more) of them shows something enough to stick around for the playoffs, should we make it.

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