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2016 World Cup of Hockey to have new format


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Although details of the event are not yet official, it has leaked out that the format will include national teams from Canada, USA, Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic and Russia. The seventh team will be an All-Star team from leftover countries such as Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, etc. The eighth team will be an under-23 North American team.

That team could be formidable with the likes of Anze Kopitar (Slovenia), Zdeno Chara (Slovakia), Roman Josi (Switzerland), Frans Nielsen (Denmark) and Christian Ehrhoff (Germany) among others.

Florida Panthers defenseman Aaron Ekblad, a Canadian, said he'd be fine playing on a team with Americans.

"You have a lot of guys you are friends with anyways, so it makes it pretty easy," he said. "Usually, whatever team you're on, it doesn't matter who you're playing with. It matters who're playing against."

And no one is quite sure what to make of the under-23 North American team.

It would seem possible that a young goalie like Anaheim's John Gibson, playing for that team, could get hot and take down Canada or the USA.

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I really like the under-23 thing. Innovative & interesting.

How 'bout a #9 'Washed-up' collection? An assortment of blokes either over 37 yrs, or have had substance abuse, excessive fines/suspensions, and/or other various run-ins with societal positions of authority? A modern-times "Slap Shot" AS collection...

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not really sure I like the "Mix-Match of countries" team format.

That would be like Euro cup having the usual favourites of like spain/england/france/germany/italy/portugal/netherlands vs "mix match of croatia+czech+denmark+switzerland+belgium etc"

can you imagine coming up with a jersey design to accommodate all the countries included?? LOL

seems weird.

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Question is, do these teams only consist of NHL and related leagues? Or does the KHL, Swedish, Finnish etc leagues come in as well?

Does the KHL want its players to go play in the NHL's tournament? Will future events be held overseas in Russia or other countries outside of NA?

Because if its only NHL and so, then it makes sense not to include Germany etc.

But if it includes other leagues, what in the world is the point of the Olympics anymore? Same thing really.

I think the Olympics should be an under 23 tournament

WC should be interesting

I'd rather watch the best of the best. The Olympics means a whole lot to other countries, who aren't going to be in favour of not sending players just because the NHL chooses not to.

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Dumb. It sounds kinda neat at first, until you realize that this sort of thing is supposed to be about national pride.

The World Cup would become nothing but a gimmick, just like the all-star game. And unlike the all-star game, people don't even have to make injury excuses to bail out. They can just choose not to play, which is what will probably happen.

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