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(proposal) VAN-WPG

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I'll get on to the point right away.

We need better PMD that can play defense and offense really well. When I hear these two words (offensively calm, and defensively sound), I always think of Jack Glover. He's relatively cheap to get. I've seen him play many games on archives from him last year. Jack Glover is really such a terrific player. His game looks to be very transitional to the NHL level. He's not selfish, will dive to block the shot that's forthcoming, he's got good vision, physical, great two-way, and screams potential. He has top 2-3 potential and a steal in the 3rd round.

My proposal is:

To WPG: Hansen, 2016 6th, 2016 3rd.

To VAN: Jack Glover, 2015 3rd.

Why they do this?

Winnipeg have Morrissey, Trouba, Byfuglien for awhile, Bogosian, and Enstrom for a few more years. They have a stacked d crop and losing Glover wouldn't be a huge big of deal. They need players like Hansen that 1), lives in Winnipeg in the off season, 2nd) he's played for the Manitoba Moose and, which is based in Winnipeg. 3RD) he has ntc and so Winnipeg would be a sure thing on his places to go list.

Why do we do this?

We need a lot more quality depth at d. He's a better version of Pedan. Same physicality, but Jack actually has some skills and isn't a goon. He keeps his physicality to a minimum. He's also right handed, which we lack. He'd complement our meat and potatoes type model for the future.


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I know Glover is a good all-around defenceman but I don't really know if I want to give up that much for futures. Hansen is the only guarantee and if we were trading Hansen to Winnipeg, I'd like a prospect like Copp + 4th round pick or something.

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Hmm nice proposal.

If I'm the Jets I would like to add Hansen as he would definitely be an upgrade over Halischuk on that 3rd line. However giving up a promising defense prospect like Glover makes this deal a lot less appealing and there is no way I would swap 3rd round picks.

I might make a deal like

To Vancouver:

WPG 3rd, 2015

WPG 5th, 2015

To Winnipeg:

Jannik Hansen

If the Nucks demand Glover in the deal I would consider it but I would definitely look around the league at all my other options before pulling the trigger.

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