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Cory Schneids deal(Proposal)

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Feelin' bad for our old fan-fav, stuck out there in the swamp. Not only are they mediocre, it appears they'll be stuck near the bottom, & going full rebuild. Cory was patient here; I'd suggest he's gotten a raw deal, overall.

Solution? A team on the rise..Winnipeg. He'd be a very popular addition, what with the Moose background.

NJ sends: Schneids & D-man, like Green(forgot his AAV/term; so a younger D like Gelinas, if necc)

NJ receives: Pavelec, Evander Kane, Morrissey.

- Kane's a PITA, who deserves time with LL in the swamp.

- Pavelec is a cap-dump for Winn(admittedly has been a little better this season). If Jersey's gonna' fall to get high picks for 2 or 3 yrs, he's the man.

- Morrissey to add to their stable of fine young D-prospects. Like Pitt, their D-core is the cream of their youth. They'll have to ship some of them later(Edm, for example), to get fwds, in seperate deals.

- Getting a couple key pieces helps LL justify dealing the #9 overall to us, in 2013.

- Devils don't need a top GT right now. They need 2 or 3 pieces which contribute to a proper rebuild.

Winnipeg loses 2 headaches, to form one of the BEST tandems, league-wide. Hutchison is still just 24, so backing Schneids for a couple yrs would be wise.

The Jets could do some damage this spring, especially if they get their full complement on D in good health.

They've got speed, size & offense going with that impressive D.

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your dont trade big mobile dmen the are staples on world junior gold medal teams

as for kane 15-20 teams would give a low first a decent prospect and a decent roster player for him thats the market value on a 30 goal scoring 24 yr old jets dont need goalies they have hutchinson, pavelec and some guys in the minors that are decent

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CT, You're jumping about with diff comparables, upon which we can really only speculate.

The central question(regarding the 'tending), is just how much better is Schneids/Hutch vs Pav/Hutch..I'd argue significantly.

On Morrissey, you may well be right. In truth, I've hardly seen the kid play. Swapping a fwd prospect(like Petan, for example) would prob more suit the Dev's needs.

Then Kane is worthy of another debate. As Linden & JB have insisted, character is of great value at the NHL level. I feel this detracts from Kane's worth. As Hippy suggested, Winn may well fetch a better price dealing Kane seperately..But I'd send this pompous attitude to the NHL's Palookaville. If nothing else, it sends a message of accountability/class to all their emerging youth.

Replace that lacking character with someone like CS, & you're building a squad with integrity.

Not something I'll argue vociferously over; simply an opinion.

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To upgrade from Pavelec to Schneids?(& lose his lousy 3.9 millx3yr deal).. I'd suggest that could be pretty valuable to Winnipeg.

^So at 4 mill/per, you see Pavelec as an ASSET, not a liability?

Michael Hutchinson.

25 career games. 16 wins 5 losses 2 ot .936SV% 1.86 GAA

They'll ride him and Pavelec for under $6.25 million per year instead of giving up two such important pieces and valuable pieces of their team for Schneider and...Green

Jets are about the only team in the league that can be sellers on the blue line come trade deadline day. They'll do far better if they want as sellers if they want than CS because d men at deadline day are always needed and always pricey

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Fair enough Hippy, & I hear ya on D-men values(particularly at deadline). A lot of what I'm proposing here, is from hypothesizing that the Jets could go far(this very spring) with the right tandem.

From the little I've seen of them, they appear to have that rugged, complete & fiery lineup that could surprise a lotta' folks. Especially in the late-season, accepted style of play.

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Winnipeg doesn't need Schneider, they have Hutchinson. He's not as proven but he's growing into the role and Pavlec is doing just fine being pushed right now as well. That and they have too many D with everyone getting healthy so don't need another and can keep Kane and Morrissey.

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nux so your saying kane is a cancer in the room so then why would the devils want him. your logic is astounding jets have a decent rookie goalie and pavelec thats not bad. they just dont need. to trade their best defense prospect and their best sniper for a ginger goalie that makes to much it isnt gonna happen maybe in bizzaro world. if im jets i wouldnt even give them kane for schneider lets alone more pieces and ya petan isnt getting traded either

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Again CTrav, opinions are entitled, & yours may possibly be closer to the truth. Based on media coverage(eg, pre-season), I'd openly question whether Kane really even wants to be there.

I'm not impressed with his boastful "cash" tweets, but who knows, maybe the Winn hierarchy don't mind that stuff? I don't really know?..

Admittedly, he's potentially a Helluva' player, on what could be an excellent contract(if I'm gonna diss Pav's, then I've got to acknowledge this fact).

Finally, a lot of our discussion hinges upon our analyses about Schneids. Judging from your description, you wouldn't value him as I do. In my mind, he could consistently be a top-5 in this league, given the right situation.

Never complained about our big DD deal with NJ..love Horvat as a player. That said, I still really like Schneids as a gt too.

Over the past near-decade, we Van fans have been spoiled with the quality of 'tending we've witnessed.

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much as you love the ginger. we always have great goalie depth. devils traded there 9th overall for a replacement for brodeur. and we got a possible 2 line 2 ways center in horvat then we trade bobby luo whos a better goalie than schneider for a big winnger and markstrom who is a decent goalie. luo was always better than cory now we have miller whos pretty good. i say we trade markstrom for a draft pick or defense prospect and go with miller lack til demko can take over after college. jets dont need cody they are set in net fir next 2-3 yrs if anything theyd trade kane for a huge package of prospects and 1st rounders like kane for islanders first i 2016 and pulock and martin would be the huge price jets would want for him not a high paid goalie when they have 2 cheaper decent options for next 2yrs

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