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Edmonton needs defence and complimentary players. With them looking to get McDavid or Eichel to be future 1c and having Leon as future 2c.

To Van


To Edmonton




This gives Vancouver a 1c to replace the Sedins.

Bonino gives a temporary center to replace nuge and long term 3rd center for Edmonton after young guys move up.

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Yeah Edmonton won't do that.


You guys don't know that. You're just assuming that.

Big difference.

All of this is assuming.

Not to mention the fact that they could find a much more better deal elsewhere.

What is the deal missing a pick?

Three comments and almost zero substance.

Could add another peice, Pick or Corrado. Edmonton needs a change. I know Nuge is probably not getting traded, but just throwing out ideas.

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il pass nugent is overrated hes nit big enough to ever be a superstar. hes like mason raymond career perimeter player overrated had one good yr in whl drafted 1st because of hype

21 years old almost 200 pounds 6 foot 1/2 inches and almost .7 ppg fought Hamhuis to a draw.

Ya man....not big enough

Crosby Giroux Seguin Tavares Bergeron all these guys are to small....they're TERRIBLE

Seriously man I'd take a damned flyer in RNH in a heartbeat if we could afford him without gutting our prospects or depth but his cap and his placement on the Oilers mean he's going nowhere near us

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