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‘Sindey Crosby’ appears on Penguins program


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Opps :lol:



Oh, that’s a highly unfortunate typo.

Not only is the face of the Pittsburgh Penguins sitting out Tuesday’s game against the visiting Winnipeg Jets, Sidney Crosby’s likeness appears with a spelling of his name that resembles a moniker “haters” have called him throughout his career.

Credit goes to those who noticed something that copy editors of Icetime probably wished they had found before this went to press.

Perhaps next game “Macrel Goc” will make an appearance.

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Is that shopped or does someone on Sportsnet frequent CDC?

Not shopped. I saw it live and couldn't believe my eyes. It was a great moment to be sure.

As for whether they frequent CDC or not, we can only hope for the sanity of the station that they don't.

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