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[Proposal/Discussion] Defence Issues and Possible Solutions

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This teams offensive problems aside, I believe shoring up the back end should be priority #1.

Good teams get built from the back end out.

With the injury to Hamhuis this team stumbled noticeably. How much his absence actually played into that is fodder for speculation I suppose... now with Bieksa out we're facing another test. Love him or hate him, he's still a big part of our defence at this point and the team will miss him.

Corrado? Jury's out but it's nice to see the kid get an opportunity to kind of settle in and show what he can do.

I wanted to talk a bit about the Kassian situation.
The time to trade him is right now.

Here's a guy who has all the "tools" as we're all aware. Size. Hands. Speed. Edge.
For some reason though he hasn't been able to find his niche in Vancouver.
He only has 55 points in 181 NHL games, but all of those have been with Vancouver aside from the 20-ish games he played in Buffalo.

To me that is a classic "could simply use a change of scenery" scenario.

For some reason, some players just don't play well in certain cities (and I'm not talking simply about systems or different coaches) and that could be the case with Zakk.

There's been a lot of buzz surrounding a possible deal with Boston, but I don't really see them as the best trading partner in this case.

How about the NYI ?

That is a team that is really stocked with good up/coming defenceman who may be willing to let (another) one go for a piece that they could use now on the big club.
They play a fairly loose/reckless style which they are getting away with because of timely and solid goaltending by Halak.

In Zakk they get a guy who can step right in and add some jam to their lineup. He's a guy who is still learning his way positionally and from what I've seen of that teams play, he might really fit in well.


In return we could target a guy like Ryan Pulock

20 years old. 6'2" 220lbs Defence. Shoots Right. From Manitoba.
Currently has 18 points in 32 games for Bridgeport.

His talent analysis and future prediction reference him as an offensively gifted defenceman, who is likely only held out of the Islander lineup due to their already strong group:


Talent Analysis

Pulock was one of the top offensively skilled defensemen in the 2013 NHL Draft. He has a quick release and an ability to get shots through to the net. After battling through injuries early in his junior career he had a breakout season in his fourth season with the Brandon Wheat Kings. He will likely need some time at the AHL level but his offensive tools should fit in well with the young defensemen currently working their way into the NHL for the Islanders.


Pulock attended camp with the Islanders before being assigned to AHL affiliate Bridgeport to start the 2014-15 season. He is off to a strong start for the Sound Tigers and was among the team's goal scoring and plus/minus leaders after 15 games. With the both the Islanders and Bridgeport off to a fast starts, Pulock may have to wait a bit before getting his first NHL opportunity. The fact that he has made a smooth transition to the pro game as a 20-year-old is encouraging.

Moving a guy like Kassian to NYI for an up/coming Dman with a pretty solid resume would give a guy like Jensen an opportunity to take over where he left off. Even if Pulock isn't NHL ready yet we haven't lost anything as Jensen has the size and skill Zakk possesses. Maybe not the edge, but lacking that you're also generally lacking dumb penalties.

More info on Pulock:


20 years old (Oct. 1994)
6' 2" 220lbs
Right handed shot
210 points in 260 games with Brandon/WHL.
17 points in 29 games this year with Bridgeport/AHL
Drafted 1st Round, 15th Overall 2013.


"I think he's doing a really good job developing his overall game," director of player development Eric Cairns said. "He's obviously an offensive defenseman with a very heavy shot. He's put a lot of time and focus into his play away from the puck defensively. His habits have improved and it's just been a year. He's starting to push his pace a little bit harder, a little bit faster. He is a good skater; he's a very powerful skater. Just in one year I've seen a lot of development in his game."

Some of Pulock's production at the junior level can obviously be attributed to his blazing slap shot. Reinhart, who played against Pulock in the WHL with the Edmonton Oil Kings, is excited by the prospect of no longer having to face Pulock's rockets from the point.

"I think everyone in the league was scared of playing against the Brandon Wheat Kings because of that shot from the blue line," Reinhart said. "It's a lot more fun being on his side."

Cannon from the point:

Gets compared to Al McInnis: (start vid at 1:40)

Scores in 1st minute of vid vs. NJD:

Another blast from the point. The rear angle you can maybe understand the previous Al McInnis comparison. His mechanics there look similar:

In any case, I'm not sure if a trade to get this guy would fly from the Islanders perspective. What I'm trying to say is that I think we should be looking at teams that are deep in defence, who might be more inclined to make a deal involving a good up/coming player. NY is obviously doing VERY well this year so If I were Benning (yes I realize I'm not) I would definitely be exploring players like this on deep/successful teams.

It may or may not take more than just Kassian, but there are other players on our team that are shall we say "past expiry" - at least in this market - who might be attractive to a suddenly very good Islanders team who could possibly use some more established NHL calibre depth in order to push their envelope this year.

Just my 2 bits. Whatever he does, I know Benning will eventually have this all figured out and this team is going to be a real winner. The sooner the better though, and I think we can all agree on that!


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All the talk according to Ben Kuzma , is Big Kass to the Bruins for Bartkowski from the Bruins. I hope this isn't true. I know it sounds like a broken record hearing Kassians supporters say " you got to give him more time", but the only players I see creating anything for their teamates is the Sedins and Kassian. Nobody on the Canucks can seem to find the back of the net right now, take away one of our play makers and watch us get even less chances. I want to see him play with a goal scorer before we get rid of him. And please, not to the Bruins! Not another Cam Neely trade!

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We've got a lot of nice trading chips in Kassian, Higgins, Sbisa and now Lack (as Markstrom was taken off the market). Could pull a top-4 defenceman easily with that.

I'm thinking Morrow or Krug from Boston, but if they're too strapped for cap space then maybe include Jensen in the talks. We have some very unstable defencemen in our roster playing 20 minutes a night and the poor goalies are getting shelled because of the chances they give up on a nightly basis.

For Benning to say that we don't need any changes on defence is either idiotic or some sort of marketing plan. This team is bad at forward and defence, but we need far more help on the blueline. He may be planning to let a few of our RFAs walk in the off-season, but he still needs some talent on the blueline.

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why not trade our ufa away for picks instead of letting them walk this team needs to be gutted higgins and hansen should be traded to their short list teams for picks or d prospects then sbisa, richardson, one of the swde goalies mattias kassian all should be traded we need a puck moving ppqb pulock oullett would be dmen id target

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All we are saying, is give Bobbi a chance.....

That would make sense, a former 1st rounder who was riddled by injuries but you know what they will say, " he is not ready. he is a career ahler" or " Weber is better" lol Sanguetti deserves a shot because he averages 35-40 points in the AHL as an D-man and he has shown to be a + player this year.

Also, im shocked how Corrado got the chance before Sanguetti, considering Sanguetti has better numbers than Corrado.

20 pts +15


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Yeah I'd go for Pulock.

Kassian + Higgins + A going nowhere forward prospect

Then find a good potential top 6 prospect or 2015 pick to trade Lack for.

I'm only mentioning this because people seem to think that because a certain player is "from BC" they may have a desire to play here.

Higgins is from Smithtown NY, which is only 48 miles from the NYI new rink in Brooklyn.

If the theory about going home rings true, that's the perfect fit.

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I'm only mentioning this because people seem to think that because a certain player is "from BC" they may have a desire to play here.

Higgins is from Smithtown NY, which is only 48 miles from the NYI new rink in Brooklyn.

If the theory about going home rings true, that's the perfect fit.

higgins has stated openly that one of the reasons his career hit the skids when he was traded to the rangers was the pressure and distraction of having family and friends around.

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Ferraro is high on Biega but dismissive of Sanguinetti? Comments anyone?

I'd like to see Corrado get a real shot and I think he's going to get it while Bieksa is out.

I'm also open to a more permanent solution like the one the OP suggested because there are at least 2 D playing with the Canucks right now that make me uneasy.

I think that Lack, Higgins, Richardson, Kassian, Sbisa, Stanton, Weber have a chance to be moved (but not all). Others as well depending on the return.

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Pullock is basically untouchable according to the islanders fan base. He and G.Reinhart are going to step in by next year. Visnovsky is gone as a ufa this year and they many not be able to keep Boychuk. Pulock is a solid D prospect I like Washington as a possible deal. They could use Richardson for playoffs, maybe higgins for more veteran presence with all the youngsters and lack maybe as more insurance behind holtby. Bowey is rated so highly as replacing Green, I also dont mind Carrick as an option for us to target in a return

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Olsen just got put on the waiver wire by Florida and he'd be a fantastic pick up. 24 years old, giant body, former 1st round Chicago pick and he's scored 8 points in 44 games this season (albeit with a pretty high-flying Florida defence that racks up assists).

He's a lefty with a lot of untapped potential and in his most recent AHL season was scoring at 0.5 PPG which is pretty good for a defenceman. Would be a nice upgrade over Sbisa/Stanton and definately over Bartowski. Olsen would bring much needed size and grit to this defence, and I'd prefer him over Pedan any day.

Edler - Tanev

Hamhuis - Corrado

Olsen - Weber


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