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[Discussion] New Armchair GM'ing


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Hi all.
Ok, so I really miss the Armchair GM function after CapGeek.com closed, so I made my own.


You can find it here:


The above is an old link. See the post further down the page for the new version.

It's pretty simple, but it does the basics.

1) allows you to move players around in the line-up
2) add call up players
3) send a player down
4) create a new player (or several) and edit their name and cap hit
So, Add a player or 2 from another team and see how the new line-up would look.
5) delete a player (fx - delete a player you created) - (just drag and drop him into the trash).

It does not use a database, so it only has hard coded player data (name + caphit) at this time.
It doesn't add up the cap hit, or calculate any of the stuff that CapGeek did.
No contract information, salary, etc either (not yet anyways).
Just a basic, but functional Armchair GM for those who like to play around with the line-up.

If anyone likes fiddling with the line-up, there you go.


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It was hard to keep track of players when tyring to come up with trade ideas, so I've added a trade proposal section.

Drag and drop Canuck players in the left side of the Trade Proposal section.

Create opposing team players/picks and drag and drop them to the right side, then clone them and move them into the roster area.

So you can see all the trade pieces (players/picks) and the new roster all at once.

There are rows for up to 4 trades.

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Help, I need some input !

I know a lot of people miss CapGeek after it closed down.

With the trade deadline coming up, I have created my own CapGeek Armchair GM type web page.
I posted an early version before, but that got buried somewhere... and I've made lots of changes since then.

It's better in some ways than CapGeek's, but without all the stats.
You'll still (currently) need to have another tab or window open with a stats web page and/or NHLnumbers.com for full cap info if you need it, but for just messing about with line ups and trying trade proposals, it works pretty well.

I haven't seen anything better or even close to this since CapGeek closed.

Here is a screen shot (half size):


You can view the page, and try it out here.

I currently have the Canucks as the default team, and have all of the eastern conference teams in the database.

I'm still adding most western conference teams, and it will update automatically as I progress.
If you want a specific team added asap, mention it in this thread.


The left side team is the primary team, and you can select a trade partner team on the right.
Once the 2nd team is chosen, their line up appears on their ice surface with each players name, current Cap hit and position (indicators) - even right vs left handed D!! The Non Roster "Bench" area has 4 slots for the extra players who make up the official 23 man roster. AHL, OHL, CHL etc players are then listed in the lower part of the scroll list. (some of the teams have more complete lists than others, as it is still a work in progress).

You can drag/drop players from one team to the other (they switch places), but it is better to use the Trade Proposal area to make trades or to swap varying positions (ie a winger for a defense man), as you will need to make room for them at the appropriate position within their new roster.

Move players around within their own roster, bench / non roster areas.

You can reload a new team on either side at any time without affecting the other side or the trade proposal area. (It does not cache trades though - not yet at least). Re-loading a team brings up their default roster.

There are even generic Draft Picks (bottom right) that you can include in trades and the text is editable so that you can change the team and draft round as well. ie Vancouver's 4th round 2015 or Flyers 2nd round 2016 etc.

There is also one that you can use to create a new player by editing the text and Cap amount on it (use this for a player from a team that is not in the database yet, or for an unsigned college player whose rights you are trading for, etc).


Shift + Drag to clone (duplicate a player or Draft Pick).

I suggest 1st dragging the traded players/picks to the trade proposal area, then cloning the players and dragging them into a vacated roster spot in the new team's roster or bench area. This way you can see each of the traded players in the line up of their new teams, and see if the trade makes sense, whether the overall trade pieces are fair and/or if you need to add another player or pick to either side of the trade. This also allows you to load a new team on the right side and make multiple trades for your primary team .

Player positions are indicated by symbols within the player piece.
Wingers : top left and/or top right
Centers: top center
Defence: bottom left or bottom right - depending on whether they shoot left or right
Goalies do not have any symbols.
If the player can play wing and center, or either wing, both are indicated.

Glitch: If you load a new team, quickly check to make sure the roster and bench area players are draggable. If not, reload that team again and it should be ok (pick another team 1st to reset it, then reload the desired team).

I'm considering adding more info to each player piece.
Maybe indicate if they will be RFA or UFA at the end of the season, and/or how long their current contract is.

I will also add an Injury Reserve area on the bench, just to separate injured players from the healthy extra players.

I'm also considering trying to get the CAP to be calculated, but that's WAAAAY more complicated.... and not a high priority at this time.

I'll probably eventually get a domain name and make a stand alone web site out of it, but for now it is just a page on a server that I already had.

Suggestions on how to improve this would also be appreciated.

Otherwise, try it out, make some trades and maybe it will help create a few half decent trade proposals on CDC :)

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It didn't really get buried anywhere. It's still in Canucks Talk from when you created it on Jan 9, so feel free to bump that thread if you have improvements and keep it active.

Need an Armchair GM webpage?

But as far as the site, I remember the original screenshots so this looks like you've spent some time on the improvements. I haven't tested it out but good job.

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Took a look and the first link was slightly different from this new one. Neither page has a link that you can click to get to the other though, but I'm not sure if that's necessary.

Having a cap total would probably be super helpful, and making that total for a 23-man roster (since you have more players listed in the non-roster section than you would normally have up with the team) would make it easier to see when a trade puts you over the cap. It wouldn't have to account for LTI and all that, just a simple total.

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