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Happy 25th Birthday, Luca Sbisa


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He's been playing sub par the past 20 or so games so I'm guessing that's why he ain't getting much love.

It's his 25th Birthday though!

Happy Birthday Luca The Freight Train Sbisa!


Here's to hoping he picks it up the rest of the way.

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Don't see why so many people are down about Sbisa and eager to trade him away. The guy clearly wasn't developed properly and needs to work on his defensive game a lot more. He's bigger and more offensively gifted than Stanton and Weber, plus he's got feistiness to his game every once in a while. Vancouver's given him a real shot to play, we have great D coaching and I really feel like Sbisa will respond to that be a lot better next season.

Happy birthday.

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The way people talk about Sbisa you would think he's some sort of bust.

Yeah he makes some mistakes, but to be honest he makes some good plays and can hit hard also.

It's not like every team has 6 Duncan Keiths or Drew Doughtys, most teams have at least one guy like Sbisa.

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