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What do you think, do the players/Coaching staff/DJ read these topics?



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Didn't someone figure out that one player at least had an account (whether used or not is another thing)?

As much as they all say they never read the papers or listen to the radio, I find it hard to believe that once in a while their curiosity doesn't get to them and they have a peak. I doubt there would be much (any) active participation though.

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If they read the crap on their twitters I doubt this place would offend them so much.

I don't think it would be many but I am sure it's looked at for a laugh at least. It's not like they stop being people when they are not chasing a rubber circle on knife shoes. Some people in the world get curious what others may be saying about them.

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re Twitter

I would be very surprised if anybody in the public eye looks at anything on twitter that doesn't originate from people they are following.

Can you imagine how much abuse Don Taylor gets via direct messenging from the hoy paloy. Lordy who needs that kind of abuse.

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