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[PGT] Wild @ Canucks

-Vintage Canuck-

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Tough call on that first goal but the power play needs to show up.

We have to fix this now or we're out early in the playoffs.

Other than that, we need to stop forcing plays that aren't there.

I see guys passing in the slot far too often, and it gets picked off way to easily.

Just SHOOT. Please!

our powerplay did show up, scoring 1 legitimate goal on 4 attempts for a 25% conversion rate, which is very respectable

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That "Seahawks" chant...

You don't see CenturyLink doing things like that - some people left early but most gave unwavering support throughout the game. Sometimes I feel like the fans don't deserve 100% effort with the way they turn on our own team like that.

Good effort by the Canucks rallying back a little (too late) despite that.

Missed it what was being said again?
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The refs need to spend more time reviewing it. Such a crucial point in the game where momentum could change.


The leagues reasoning against it is that it takes too much time, and slows the game down right?

Well those commercial breaks sure as hell do the same thing, but that doesn't seem to be a problem, hey Bettman?

Why not review any questionable calls during the commercial breaks. Sometimes it's as simple as just looking at the bloody jumbo tron and making sure you made the right call.

Also, coaches challenge should definitely be a thing.

Not sure why this keeps getting turned down and ignored.

I mean, I'm no expert on what goes on in this process, but there's got to be some easier way to make games less controversial.

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If you're at the metrotown food court and not getting Curry Express, it was a wasted trip.

I'm very much regretting that decision. Never been to curry express. I like koya though

You're a wildman.

I ordered the double teen burger instead of the regular one and I actually finished a medium pop
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When Benning looks at his little roster boards and compares them to other teams, there's no way he can think this team is close to other top teams in the West.

I hope he makes the right moves at the deadline, unloads some contracts, and gets some more pieces for the future.

No patchwork trades.

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Just for point of reference.

The Refs are not to blame for ANY of the incredible lack of PP success or goal scoring over the last 20 games.

Complain and blame over 1 game all you want but it doesn't at all take away from the fact this team couldn't even score against Arizona with 2 count em 2 5-3 power plays.

IS WD to blame? I find it hard to not lay some blame at his feet. he's the coach and he's not coaching. He's allowing the same issues and inconsistencies to prevail that have been apparent over this team for the last 3 years.

Torts may have been bad for the team but at least he was honest and tried to hold players accountable to the media.

So....ya. Miller and Vrbata might have been the ONLY 2 pieces that kept us out of the running for a top 5 overall pick.

Big deal right, at least we might be in the playoffs now, 2 weeks we might not be. But at least we'll be mediocre doing it.

Hopefully this facilitates Benning and Linden to sell at the deadline should this persist. Because as of now there is NO indication it won't

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Says a lot when WD chooses to keep Kenins in and scratch Kassian.

Kenins played well, so doesn't look like Kass will get in any time soon.

Have to agree,,,just trade the guy already and get this over with for the team..fans and Kassian.

MacT in the audience today,,way to showcase a tradeable player..in the press box.

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