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[PGT] Wild @ Canucks

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Missed it what was being said again?

People at the game started a SEA-HAWKS chant in the 3rd period when we hadn't scored a goal yet

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ON another note. Congrats Kenins and welcome to the team Clendenning. I noticed Clendenning had an average or above average game. 2 giveaways positive +/- a shot on net.

For coming to possibly one of the only teams more hockey mad than Chicago I was impressed at his poise

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The no goal call was correct.

Can't just let players sit in the crease and impede the goalie with impunity.


Define "impeding". Looks to me like Dubnyk got out of position because he was trying to push Vrbata and distracted himself.

Not to mention the Wild D was pushing him backwards.

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Just for point of reference.

The Refs are not to blame for ANY of the incredible lack of PP success or goal scoring over the last 20 games.

Complain and blame over 1 game all you want but it doesn't at all take away from the fact this team couldn't even score against Arizona with 2 count em 2 5-3 power plays.

IS WD to blame? I find it hard to not lay some blame at his feet. he's the coach and he's not coaching. He's allowing the same issues and inconsistencies to prevail that have been apparent over this team for the last 3 years.

Torts may have been bad for the team but at least he was honest and tried to hold players accountable to the media.

So....ya. Miller and Vrbata might have been the ONLY 2 pieces that kept us out of the running for a top 5 overall pick.

Big deal right, at least we might be in the playoffs now, 2 weeks we might not be. But at least we'll be mediocre doing it.

Hopefully this facilitates Benning and Linden to sell at the deadline should this persist. Because as of now there is NO indication it won't

I don't think the Canucks staff and players are being absolved of any blame, all too often that gets lumped in with officiating complaints.

Yes we sucked in the 2nd and could have been a lot better. But the refs still blew a massive call. No matter how much we sucked that doesn't change that the refs screwed up.

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