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As a huge Canuck fan living in Ottawa I still follow the Sens pretty closely and there was recently a poll on local radio "if you were gm what would you do" with specific trade offers coming in. Lots of talk of people wanting names like Eric Staal and Taylor Hall coming into Ottawa when I think that game plan is backwards personally.

I suggest trading their best asset, captain and most talented player in Erik karlsson. I think his value is at an all time high and although he is one of the if not THE best offensive dman in the NHL I'm not sure they can win with him.

They recently traded away a captain who had loads of talent but lacked a true 2-way game only the hand over captaincy to a player of the ilk. Not his fault but not great for a captain leading a young squad.

I want to know your thoughts on the following:

To Ottawa:



And another top pick or prospect

To Arizona:


Arizona needs butts in seats and karlsson can help them there. He is regarded as an elite offensive talent who can potentially kick start a history of average offensive teams over the years. He is also still extremely young and is signed to a friendly cap hit which is important to budget teams who have difficulties signing free agents and retaining players.

Ottawa gets a "karlsson light" in Yandle as well as a player who has played with 2 Canadians on the Canadian jr team in Lazar and Paul. Good way to start building for the future. They also get an addition top pick or prospect and get to change the direction of the team by opening the door for a new captain ie MacArthur or lazar in a couple of years.

It's always hard to trade off top players for very good pieces and make it all even but I'll sit back and wait for thoughts/criticism...

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While Karlsson is a big prize on his own. So is Yandle. Domi's a near top 10 pick from a "draft as deep as 2003" and his value's never been higher since the world juniors.

I think as Dral said you're on to something here but there HAS to be something else going back to Arizona besides Karlsson and his massive contract to offset the loss of Domi.

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