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TO-WPG marriage(obvious proposal)

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Is this the match made in heaven, or a shotgun wedding as Kessel/Kane are both overly pregnant with expectations?

Do the big-city slickers really wanna' hitch families with them farming rednecks? Stranger things have happened.

Like sands through the hourglass, the moments unwind towards a big day in March.

Kane for Kessel..as TO's doomed 'always the bridesmaid', is turning hardened & embittered spinster, does this turn Winterpeg into a lovely spring bride?

Both seem committed to term; rare in today's marriage-market. The chance of a messy divorce will nevertheless linger.

Would Chevy & the Donut king be wise to ponder a pre-nup?

i do agree with you

it was one of the first thoughts that crossed my mind

whether toronto might want to get some sort of package from the jets

to move some salary cap space

i do think this would not happen

but i do not agree that this is one of the most idiotic posts ever

a 1 to 1 trade was not seriously suggested i don't think

just the concept of this sort of trade

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In my eyes, TO lost the Kessel deal in extreme fashion. This would give them a younger, more abrasive player to hopefully salvage something from that debacle. Kessel's value will plummet with the style the Leafs are attempting to employ. Thus, they should move him pdq.

Winnipeg is a much less demanding market, as well. Seems suited to PK's personality.

TO is the type of market-glare which may bring out the best in Kane. Could also backfire, but with his contract, TO could easily flip him down south, for another recycle of youth.

So like the phraseology or not, it appears to me a 'marriage of convenience'.

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