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(Proposal) Trade Deadline

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Small Proposal at the deadline try and cash in on a few pieces


To Vancouver- Evander Kane

To Winnipeg- Higgins, Kassian, 3rd round pick

Kanes stock is thought to be at a lower value than times before, Adds young strong winger into our top 6. Gives Winnipeg another younger winger who needs a change of scenery as well as an established veteran winger for the playoffs and a Pick in a deep draft


To Vancouver- 4th Round pick

To Any Willing Trade partner- Yannick Weber

Could be a depth pick up for a playoff team, Helps us by relieving a bit more cap to fit Kane into the lineup also Gives us a 4th to make up for the 3rd we lost


To Vancouver-2nd or 3rd round pick

To- Any Willing Trade Partner- Eddie lack or Jacob Markstrom

I think the deadline would be a good chance to unload one of these goalies. Arizona was able to get a 3rd round pick for Devan Dubnyk. I think both goalies will be able to fetch a 3rd but if we find the right team could possibly snag a 2nd rounder. I would prefer to trade Lack first as markstrom is younger, Bigger, and more potential IMO


To Vancouver-Antoine Vermette

To Arizona- Luca Sbisa,Brendan Gaunce, 2nd round pick
Reunites Vermette and Vrbata on the Canucks and adds more depth to our top 6. Arizona is rumoured to be wanting a 1st rounder and a young prospect, Gaunce being the prospect and a 2nd in a deep draft and Sbisa might offset the 1st rounder Bit of a stretch but worth a shot IMO

Healthy Line Up












Flame Away!!!

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#1-I agree with Ken Kaniff that somebody would offer Winnipeg more. I also think Vancouver shouldn't enter the Kane sweepstakes at all for character reasons-don't want somebody whose teammates have had it with him and who figures it's up to him to decide whether to get on the team bus and play-not to mention his past character issues. (I'm not one of those that objected to or took much inference from the picture of Kane with cash, though.)

#2 and #3 seem realistic. It would be nice to find a package for a prospect who could become a scoring forward, but the picks are probably a more realistic option.

#4 With Canucks management having clearly stated they aren't going to move picks or prospects for immediate help, I can't understand why this proposal is suggested.

Quite aside from the statements of Canucks management, the Canucks are an old team really weak in good players and prospects in their early to mid 20's, so giving up a 2nd round pick and a forward prospect for yet another player to add to their eight players in their 30's appears to add to the age they already have while taking away the youth they'll need for the future. imo this would be contrary to the Canucks interests.

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