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(Proposal) Vancouver-Winnipeg and Vancouver-Toronto (Salary cap aside)

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Trade 1:

To Vancouver: Evander Kane

To Winnipeg: Zack Kassian, Chris Higgins, and Luca Sbisa

Trade 2:

To Vancouver: Cody Franson

To Toronto: 2015 2nd round pick

Trade 3:

To Vancouver: 2015 2nd round pick

To any willing trading partner: Eddie Lack (maybe add in Yannick Weber if nobody accepts?)

Evander Kanes trade value is significantly lower at the moment because of his tracksuit incidence and the fact that he'll be out for 4-6 months. Toronto are reportedly looking for a 2nd round pick for Franson and I think that we could give them that and get a 2nd rounder back by trading Lack away. The reason I didn't trade Lack directly to Toronto is because they don't need another goalie in their system. Lack should be able to fetch a 2nd back to Vancouver but if not we could add in Weber to sweeten up the deal.

I don't have much knowledge in the value of players so I'm sorry if these trades are way off.


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I think most of this makes some sense and is fair (assuming all players involved were playing at a high level rather than under preforming)

I do however suspect that, given the current circumstances surrounding the players that were named. I doubt Winnipeg would take those pieces for Kane because they have each lowered their value over the last 1-2 seasons, and you'd expect Winnipeg to at least be after players with promise who are developing smoothly. Rather than just accepting a vet + 2 slowly developing prospects. Kane's value is on the decline as well obviously, but he has a higher ceiling and better odds of tapping that potential than any of the three you suggested sending the other way. Higgins is more of a salary dump than anything anyways.

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1st trade-I'm very much not a Kane fan, so to me anything is too much. I needn't go on-my reasons are obvious enough and have been stated on other threads, and I'm not so blind as to be unable to understand why there are people who would want to trade for him.

2nd trade-I'd be totally against giving up a draft pick for a rental. This is no reflection on Franson-I'd have the same reaction to the opportunity to rent Sid the Kid for a couple of months late this season.

3rd trade-not much to say. Some goalie has to move by next fall and much as it pains me to say it, a 2nd rounder would be a good return for Eddie in the current goalie market. My guess is he may only fetch a 3rd. I wouldn't object to Weber and Lack for a 2nd-I like both of them as players, but Canucks have too many goalies and too many defencemen to protect everyone who can play in the NHL next fall and the market for good backup goalies (which is what Lack is right now, though I think he could be more) and 7th defencemen isn't all that great. We'll be, unfortunately, selling low.

Whichever goalie Vancouver moves, I'm looking forward to cheering for him in his new opportunity, except of course hoping that he always loses 1-0 to the Canucks.

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