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Canada Post: no tracking updates!


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I sent two shipments to US (different destinations) using Canada Post xpresspost... Dropped off at same post office, same time.

So far, only one package has up-to-date tracking info (both Canada and US), and the other still says "Item accepted at the Post Office" and nothing else!

Does it mean they have lost it?

Thanks guys.

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I bought a new tablet a couple weeks ago. It was shipped from Ontario to Vancouver using Can Post and there were no updates after the day it shipped. It arrived here 2 days early and all of the scans in routing centers and when it goes onto a truck etc all only happened after I received the package.

So Canada Posts delivering was great being ahead of schedule and all but their tracking is complete crap. We have been shipping by UPS for a long time and that tracking is always spot on.

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