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(Proposal) Van-Phi

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To Vancouver: Wayne Simmonds

To Philadelphia: Jacob Markstrom & Nicklas Jensen

Alright so don't take this too seriously as I am mostly just fantasizing about potential roster upgrades for this season while I lay awake in bed. And I just figured it would be sick to have Simmonds on this team. I'm not sure how realistic this is cap wise but I do believe it does make a decent amount of sense for both teams.

Obviously the Fylers are in need of a goaltender (I hear they opted for a scarecrow instead of Emery last game) and it looks like Markstrom may develop into an NHL starter in the next 1-3 years after all. Jensen is still a decent enough prospect to hold some value but this could change in a year or two. I truly think we should trade him asap while we can still get a little in return. That sucks to say because he has been my favourite prospect for a while but I just don't see him being an impact player in the NHL ever anymore. (Don't tell the Flyers that)

Adding Simmonds to the Canucks roster could possibly pull them out of mediocrity and into a moderate/long shot contender position. Largely in part by vastly upgrading the second line, which will take 5 on 5 pressure off the Sedins. That coupled with the fact Simmonds is only 26 and could be a big contributor in our top-six for years to come is reason enough to make a decent pitch for him in my opinion.

The final part of this trade would be moving Higgins for a pick or a high risk/high reward prospect to make cap and roster space.

Sedin - Sedin - Burrows/Vrbata

Burrows/Vrbata - Bonino - Simmonds

Matthias - Richardson - Kassian

Dorsett - Horvat - Hansen


Elder - Tanev

Hamhuis - Bieksa

Sbisa - Weber




That's a lineup I could actually see making a few moves in the playoffs if things went the right way. Do you guys think this trade is realistic at all?

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Well, It's Philly, so who knows? Sometimes it's like Milbury is working behind the scenes.....

Hextall is no Millbury. Holmgrem is out the Flyers aren't going to make a trade like that. Steve Mason has a sparking .925 SV% this year. The last thing the Flyers need is goaltending. They have gotten good goaltending from Mason despite having some of the worst defense and one of the worst PK unit.

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