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I'm voting for the deserving players

well as I stated our fanbase voting for our players likely will have no effect on the outcome. My only point is a show of support for a couple of our prospects that aren't as well known. Canucks fans don't have the best reputation around the league, yet many of just plain all-out support this team and get painted with the same brush. Just want these prospects to know.. (if they pay attention to the vote counts) that we support them and respect the road they take to the big leagues. All in all its probably totally meaningless. But I love this team, I bleed Blue and Green, so this is what I'm gonna do.
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voting counts for 1% anyway, it's a useless addition to the process to make it seem like the fans have a say, when they really do not.

Right. It was pretty clear when they didn't put Hutton in the top 10 last year even though his fan vote total had him in the top 5. Could be different this year though i guess; it was pretty clear it was Johnny Gaudreau's award to win last year. Not as cut and dry this year.
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