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(Proposal) Kane (a bit of a long read)

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Trade 1:

To Vancouver: 2nd round pick

To any willing dealer: Lack and Weber

Trade 2:

To Vancouver: Evander Kane

To Winnipeg: Kassian, Higgins, Sbisa, Jensen, 2nd round pick

The first trade is just to clear some cap space and to get a second rounder either for the Kane trade or for our own purposes. I know that Winnipeg reportedly wants Horvat/Virtanen, Mccann and a 1st rounder, but they're delusional if they think we're going to give up 2 of our best prospects AND a 1st round pick. Any of those three could potentially be as good as Kane in a couple of years. Winnipeg are also looking for a roster player, a prospect and a 1st for Kane, but because of his attitude issues I don't think any team will give up that much. Kassian gives them more depth at RW, something they're looking for. Higgins could still put up 35-40 points a year and gives them a lot more depth on the 3rd line. Sbisa is more of a bottom pairing defensemen for them, he could also play physical and still has lots of room to improve if he reaches his potential. Jensen has struggled in the AHL in the past couple of years but he's still a B level prospect and the 2nd rounder is just a bit of extra. I know that a lot of you will say that this a quantity for quality trade, but keep in mind that Higgins could still put up decent numbers and Kassian could hit 40-50 points if he reaches his potential. Sbisa is a very good depth/bottom pairing D for them while Jensen and the 2nd improves there prospect pool.


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First off, that's way too many moving pieces for one player. That just doesn't happen. Ever.

Second, even if it did happen regularly, none of those are players that the Jets would want in return.

Again, the Canucks have to give to get. If they truly believe they can turn Kane's behavior issue around, then what they are getting is an incredibly responsible, two-way player who is good for 50 points per year, locked up to a reasonable contract, and is young.

While the rumored WANT (and I can't stress want enough) of Horvat, Virtanen, and a 1st is certainly too much for the Canucks to give up; it is absolutely not unreasonable for the Jets to expect one of those guys involved coming back. As talented as Canuck fans think Kane is, 28 other teams in the NHL see that as well and would be more than happy to give up at least one unproven A level prospect who has done little to nothing in the NHL yet.

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