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Next 5 games... Make it or break it?

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Make or Break. Next 5 Games.  

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Currently, the Vancouver Canucks are Bonino-less, Bieksa-less, Richardson-less, and Corrado-less.

The Canucks are 29-20-3 and have 61 points.

The Canucks need to go 7-15-8 to match last season.

Our next 5 games: (7 of next ten on the road)

Chicago: 33-18-3 - 69 Points

Boston: 28-18-7 - 63 Points Hot right now

Calgary: 30-21-3 - 63 Points Hot right now

Minnesota: 26-20-6 - 58 Points Hot right now!!

Rangers: 30-16-5 - 65 Points

**********The next 5 games after this are away....

Predicting a 1-7-2 record over next 10, with 7 away, and no Bonino or Bieksa.

That would put as at 6 wins, 8 losses, and 6 OTL away from last seasons numbers.


I imagine we pull 3-4 points out of these 5 games. However, I would be ecstatic with 7-8, or just 1-3.

7-8 would make me happy because we still have a good playoff chance, even without Bonino n KB3

1-3 would make me happy because the playoffs would be out the window, we would sell, gain a top prospect at the draft, and have re-tool again.

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With the uninspired hockey from our vets, and as much as I love the Canucks, I don't think they will make the playoffs with the inconsistency level.

We win 1, we lose 1. We win 2, we lose 2. We win 2, we lose 1. That's how we've been looking like this past few weeks/months.

I really want us to play hard, and compete. If we lose any games from now until April, I want us to play like we did when we vrs the Winnipeg Jets. We weren't supposed to win that game, however we played like we should have. That is what I want to see, if we lose. Not like yesterday's, bull crap game where we played like crap.

If we make the playoffs, I'll be happy. If we lose, I want us to put a good effort for every loss and get a high pick :)






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The next 5 aren't make or break. Winning 5 in a row does not guarantee the playoffs, although losing 5 would almost lock up missing them.

7-15-8, or

11-15 over the next few months is not likely to happen unless Benning dumps some players at the deadline and brings in/up some young guys to fill the holes.

I honestly don't see us playing < 0.500 hockey for the remainder of the season no matter what happens. Your 1-7-2 prediction will not happen.

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