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All in for D at the draft. (Discussion)


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Just looking at the junior draft defensemen and just love to get 2 of these guys.

1. Ivan Provorov

2. Jakub Zboril

3. Jeremy Roy

4. Ryan Pilon

There are some higher defensemen then this lot, but to me Ivan Provorov is a gotta have. I think we are in the ball park and it may cost us piece that will hurt.

Giving into those CDC fans that think we will be in the playoffs, I will concede for this proposal that we end up in a final draft position of 15th OA pick.

Question #1

What do you think it would take to move up and get Provorov? Who, I think he will go 9th or 10th OA.

Question #2

Is there any chance we could move up with a second pick first rounder and get one of the next 3?

Would really love Provorov and Zboril.........from what I have read, these guys could really turn out to be gems, and would solve most of our offensive/defensive woes in 3 or 4 years.

Yes, there are many different choices, just love these choices, that are reachable.

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Roy can fall to us in the 20ish range. Provorov, not so much. Pilon has fallen quite a bit and will be taken in the late 1st/early 2nd, 2nd more likely. Zboril I don't know enough about.

I know we need defense but I have a feeling management will be looking to take a dynamic forward (winger) with the 1st pick. We have very good prospects that are safe bets, but need a game breaking talent. We took McCann last year - great pick, Boston takes Pastrnak right after and look at him. Need a player like that so maybe we take a Zacha or someone. And dmen success rate isn't bad in the mid rounds too.

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Our defensive depth isn't terrific in terms of prospects so I do think it is an area they will likely explore. The trade for Clendening helped shore us up a bit so I think we will still be looking at taking the best player available when our pick rolls around.

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This team's strength is it's PK.

I don't want to see it destroyed for some kids that may or may not help the team in five years time.

Benning is shoring up the present roster going forward in whatever manner he can,while not hurting the team's chances at winning.

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