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Who should be Spider-Man?


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If you haven't heard the big news Marvel and Sony will be working together now on Spider-Man. Spider-Man will now also be featured in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which most likely puts an end to the Amazing Spider-Man series unfortunately.

Now the question becomes who plays Spider-Man? I have made up my list of who I want, don't want, and people who might be able to pull it off.


Anton Yelchin

Andrew Garfield

Ansel Elgort

Nicholas Hoult

Taron Egerton

Donald Glover (for Miles Morales, if they go that direction)


Dylan O'Brien

Freddie Highmore

Guy who plays Stephen Hawking

Guy from 21

Miles Teller

Don't Want

Logan Lerman

Zac Efron


Drake Bell

Guy from Unbroken

What do you guys think? Also add people who you think could be a good Spider-Man that isn't on my list.

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Jesus just stick with him.

So tired of the face of every super hero changing every 3-4 years.

3 different hulks in 10 years, 2 different spider mans...

Stay with garfield, he's already survived Gwen dying and still hasn't met mary jane in the newest rendition. he will tie in well with the new story line.

It would be like them FINALLY giving the X-men back to marvel universe and dropping the "mutant" issue and then changing wolverine storm and professor X.

Garfield. period. not a purist and not afraid of change, but he's a step up on McGuire and anything after would be a step down now that expectations are that high.

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