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TOR-VAN, NYR-VAN, CBJ-VAN proposals (Top-6 help)

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VAN: Bozak, Nillsson

TOR: Bieksa, Vey, 3rd

Bieksa is from a town 30 mins from Toronto so hopefully that convinces him to waive. Plus he's under contract next season and could bring in leadership to the Leafs team in need of a top-4 D. Vey is a Winger/Center with good potential and should have a shot to play good minutes if they end up trading Lupul, Winnik, or Santorelli.

Vancouver does good on this deal because they acquire a solid #2 center with term on his contract. Nillsson is a young 20-year-old Swedish defense man with a RH shot. Currently playing wiht the Marllies. Plays a more physical game and could become a solid stay at home NHL d-man in a couple years.

VAN: Atkinson

CBJ: Jensen, 4th

CBJ gets a young player who has top-6 potential. Rumours are that they are shopping Atkinson who is an RFA this season. Jensen would immediately jump into thier line-up.

Vancouver get an established NHL top-6 goal scoring winger to go along with Bozak.

NYR: Higgins, Ericsson

VAN: Kristo, 3rd

NYR get a Cheap top-9 player who is a good on the PK. Ericsson goes the other way because of Lundqvist injury and he would be capable of backing up Talbot in the mean time, and also be a good 3rd goalie on the roster.

Vancouver sheds cap space by getting rid of Higgins 2.5X3. He might waive for same reasons as Bieksa, he's from a city close to NYC. Also he provides a lot of depth in all aspects of the game for them to make a playoff run. They also get Kristo, a promising older prospect (24) who put up good numbers in NCAA and AHL, but hasn't been given a shot in the NHL just yet. Seems like a Vey type situation.

The line-up could be inter-changeable obviously but:










-Also Kristo would be a good call-up with Jensen gone

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OP: I think what everyone is saying that they don't like proposals that have a realistic chance of actually happening. This section of the board thrives off the fantasy of landslide victories for all Canucks trades. When you add realism, you sadden the masses who formulate all their trades with delusions of grandeur.

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1. VAN: Bozak, Nillsson

TOR: Bieksa, Vey, 3rd

With Toronto having planned a scorched-earth rebuild (see www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/hockey/kelly-shanahans-scorched-earth-leafs-plan-wins-mlse-support/article22938348/) giving up assets for a 33 year old defenceman seems directly contrary to the Leafs' plan. This proposal looks impossible for that reason.

Though Toronto is close to Bieksa's birthplace, I doubt he'd waive to join the Leafs organization in the state the team is in and expected to be for the next few years.

2. VAN: Atkinson

CBJ: Jensen, 4th

It's hard to compare the value of an established but very small scoring forward with a larger prospect who has a bit more upside but is unproven in the NHL. With the Canucks being a team that has trouble with some of the larger teams in the western conference I'm not crazy about taking on a winger listed at 5'8-174 (in hockeydb.com) in exchange for a 6'3-200+ prospect with a higher upside. otoh, Columbus might feel it is giving up too much as it would be giving up the proven roster player.
It also runs into Canucks having stated they won't give up picks and prospects for immediate help. This proposal has them doing both, though at least Atkinson at 25 is still young.
While I think Vancouver would be getting solid value here, personally I'd prefer to keep the larger though unproven prospect.

3. NYR: Higgins, Ericsson

VAN: Kristo, 3rd

I didn't know anything about Kristo and so am going on what I've read at http://www.blueshirtbanter.com/2013/7/3/4489664/danny-kristo-trade-christian-thomas-trade-nhl-trade-rumors, http://prospects.dobbersports.com/new-york-rangers-top-prospects/danny-kristo and http://www.hockeysfuture.com/prospects/danny_kristo/.

It looks like he's a very highly skilled smallish (for the NHL) forward who hasn't panned out so far, hasn't yet played a game in the NHL at the age of 24 (25 this June) and sometimes has issues with consistency and effort. He also apparently had numerous discipline issues in college (see the link above at blueshirtbanter.com.) His contract expires this summer. Nhlnumbers.com shows he'll be a RFA but the link above for dobbersports.com says he'll be unrestricted.

I don't think Ericsson is in the Canucks plans and expect him to return to Sweden if he's still in the Canucks system, this really boils down to Higgins for a 3rd plus whatever the value of Kristo is. If Kristo is, as dobbersports indicates, an UFA this July, then his trade value is next to nil imo.

That would pretty much boil down the proposal to Higgins for a 3rd. Unless and until the Canucks are out of the playoff picture I don't think they'd consider that. The deal would also have to be a fit with Higgins modified ntc, but there is a good chance NYR would be among the teams Higgins would be ok going to if he had to move.

Higgins could help NYR as a 4th line LW replacing Tanner Glass, if the Rangers have the cap room to fit him in. If they could move Glass that would provide them enough space for this season. Next season would depend on the plans they have for their various free agents and any other moves they might make.

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