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Gillis & Torts


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Gillis can go back to being a player agent.

Torts if he struggles can get hired by TSN again.

They are both probably doing just fine. Torts will probably NEVER get an NHL gig again. Unless he goes to the AHL and changes his coaching style and work ethic, and gets his emotions under control.

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Because they were under contract when they were fired they are continuing to receive their paychecks until their contract runs out. If one of them takes a job with another club then the new contract they sign voids the one they have with the Canucks and they get paid by their new team.

Pretty sweet deal eh?

As for why they aren't hired, Torts, well that one is obvious. He was a nightmare here. I wouldn't be surprised if he never works again in the NHL. Maybe NBC will hire him as an analyst. jk

Gillis. Who knows? He always had this stigma about him, whether it be true or false he had it, that he wasn't part of the "old boys" GM club since he was a former agent. Rumours had him not getting along with other GM's when it came to trades as he tried to strongarm them all the time in an effort to win every trade. There is speculation that that is the reason he made so few big trades. Couple pretty big ifs here, but a team might take a run with him if the oppurtunity is there,

Right now each of them is getting millions of dollars because they were fired, I bet the odds would be Gillis taking a role, even as an assistant GM before Torts takes, or rather, is offered, a job anywhere.

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