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Vancouver + Philadelphia (Proposal)

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To Philadelphia:

Eddie Lack

Zack Kassian

To Vancouver:

1st round pick (10th Overall - Currently)

*Shawn Matthias can do what Kassian does, if not more, and also Kassian likely is not a part of out future plans.

The Canucks would have a 4.5% chance at winning the lottery.


Kylington at 10

Merkely/Barzal/Konecny at 16


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Okay, here is the thing, if he continues playing the way he is then why the hell would we want to trade him? We would have a prime top 6 in our prospect pool. Furthermore, Kassian - Horvat Virtanen sounds pretty good to me for a 2nd line. Look, Mr benning should only trade Kassian if the right offer is there. Otherwise, please for the love of god don't trade him for a silly 2nd rounder; I know the fan base is hungry to see Kassian leave along with media, hopefully Benning doesn't fall into this pressure. Bottom line, keep Kassian if the offer is not right. Again, PLEASE DON'T TRADE KASSIAN FOR A 2ND ROUNDER!

I would only trade Kassian for a similar player like him. Eg a powerforward or a similar player who can't get going eg Yakupov.

Now that I have finished my mini rant, I can continue; look, giving up Lack 1st and Kassian for Philly is a risky trade. Also, Philly is not too far out of the race. They win 6 straight and we are now looking at a top 18, while we lose 6 straight. So you never should make draft pick trades as Canuck's can still go on a losing streak. Personally, Canuck's have not been good this year, but thanks to the tough Central Division Canuck's are beneficial to it big time.

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