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As we are in some type of re-build, I can't help but look for picks...don't want to over do it, but I want to throw this one out at you.

At the deadline

Richardson for Pitts/NYR/Ana/Nash - 2015 - 2nd

I don't know which one of these team will take Richardson, but he will be grabbed quickly for a deep run.

At the Draft

To Edmonton.............Hamhuis and Miller

To Vancouver............Pitts 2015-23rd OA + Edm 2015-32rd OA

Edmonton needs veterans, if Hammer and Miller will wave their NTC, this would be a good deal for both teams........if by some chance they say no........then Maybe the trade could be done this way

To Edmonton...............Tanev ,Lack and Archibald

To Vancouver..............Pitts 2015-23rd OA + Edm-32rd OA

Personally, I would rather move Hamhuis and Miller, but I would go with either, it solves cap issues either way......and I love those picks.....I think they are obtainable

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I can understand the reasoning behind Edmonton acquiring veterans but two players in their 30s?

If I were Edmonton I would take that second trade hands. Imo Tanev is a quality defenseman, I am fairly confident that Edmonton would rather have him than two guys that would take a few more years to develop. If the Canucks are really going down the road you propose then that would be bad trade. Keeping a guy like Tanev would be a priority as he would still be young enough to be a good player when the Canucks are finished rebuilding.

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The major trade could be done with Buffalo as well.

I understand the comment about trading with Edmonton...makes sense, I agree it is dangerous, but I think we are going in different dirrections, and the long run, even if we gave them Tanev, it probably wouldn't change our fate too much.

From what I can fathom, we are sliding and we have to wait 2 to 3 years for our prospects to really contribute, and the sedin's are loosing their Sedinery very quickly......what I am looking at with these trades is having picks in the area of the following....

15 OA Van, 23 OA Pitts, 32 OA Edm, 45 OA Van, and a late 2nd around 55 OA

I would rather do it this year, than collect slowly.......maybe it's Hamhuis and Lake instead, but a combination of those 4 players...meaning....Lack, Miller, Tanev and Hamhuis......1G/1D

For me it is going to be a bumpy ride and it isn't going to get any better for a few years, and that is why I suggested Hamhuis and Miller first......that way we still get mileage out of Tanev and Lack

I must admit, they have been confusing the &^%# out of me these past 2 months, I still don't think they make it, but they keep hanging on, and it really didn't change much when Hamhuis was out.

I think the extra high picks are important this year.....5 picks in the top 60 would be really good....in this draft anyways

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YEG Canuck

You said something to the effect of being a seller at the deadline makes sense.................

It is not necessarily that I want to trade our players, but we have to resign players, we have pressure from Utica, and our top players are declining.......all that with not having any defensive prospects, and Bonino not really showing like he wants the #1 center, when Henrick leaves........I just see no way out

I love our Canucks, I just don't see us going far this year, and my bet is not as far next.........and I would love to be proven wrong

just to expand a little... we get 5 in the first 60 this year and 3 solid picks next and I see our rebuild being almost done if our picks turn out.......that being said I have some doubt of some of our scouts....Delorme???

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In my opinion Bonino will never be a #1 centre in this league and pressure from Utica is a good thing. I feel the same way about our chances of making much of a noise in the playoffs. Your comments about the scouts is bang on. Scouting is a critical success factor.

Are you saying the Canucks have 5 picks in the first two rounds of this years draft?

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What I am saying one way or another is that moving Hamhuis and Miller at the deadline to Edmonton gives Edmonton a 32 and 34 year players.......In what world do you live in where you can get any more? It is the age that limits value, not the talent.

So, as this is a strong draft, understand that the players you pick with those picks would be equal to a 18th and 27th pick in talent level in a weaker draft, if not even better.

So for my proposal..........getting a 15OA, 23OA, 32OA, 45OA and 55OA in this strong draft is equal to

10OA, 18OA, 27OA, 40OA, and 50OA these should bring very solid prospects and will help us climb out of the bottom quicker than if we don't.

No YEG Canuck I realize until we make the trades we will only have a 15th and 45 OA at this point

I wonder how strong our scouting staff really are........because so far, it looks like THE BENNING AND WILLIE show so far

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