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Should Bonino be traded


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nice way of looking at the lack of contract negotiations

keep 'em all hungry

What crystal ball tells you that there are no contract negotiations going on?!? Unless you are some rogue agent on our forums, or are an alt of Benning or Linden, you have no idea what you are talking about.

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I wouldn't trade bonino

Exactly the type of player you need in a cap league

You make it seem as if his line is better off without him

The 2nd line has been just as invisible with or without him

The 3rd line picked it up but the second line with

Higgins vey vrbata is far from an NHL capable second line

The team is lacking center depth so trading him is out of the question

Trade Higgins or burrows

Preferably Higgins he's dead weight out there

Not even showing any emotion

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I would definitely entertain the idea.

His cap hit is excellent, but with Vey and Horvat on cheap contracts and McCann, Cassels in the system. We could absorb the loss.

If a package can be put together for a core piece in the 20-24 age range that can be a top 6 winger I would do it. We need more speed in our lineup and H.Sedin and Bonino is a sluggish combo.

All that said.....Bonino is a solid player on a good contract......no rush.

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I don't think Matthias and Kassian can be made into a real good 2nd line by just adding Jensen or Virtanen next season. The potential is there, but that line may easily run into consistency problems as Kass and Matthias are not exactly the most consistent players and Jensen and Virtanen are rookies. I think Bonino-Vey-Vrbata has better potential to be the more reliable second line and Dorsett/Jensen/Virtanen-Matthias-Kassian to be a great third line body throwing line that we can deploy against LA, SJ, and ANA. Besides, I don't think Virtanen will make the team next year and even if he does, he will make it as a fourth line RW besides Horvat. Even then, I will be surprised (somewhat pleasantly) if Virtanen beats out Hansen for the 4RW position.

Horvat is already a 3C, but he will still play as a 4C position next season. A 4C that we can send out against Malkin and Crosby or anyone else in the NHL. Isn't that great!!

My best guess at next year's lineup, barring a trade would be:





Kenins is the first callup. If Jensen doesn't make the team at some point next season, then it is very likely that like Grabner and Schroeder, his time on this team will come to an end. Jensen is a top 6 player but if he wants to make the team, he needs to be versatile and learn to adjust his role to play anywhere on the lineup much like Virtanen did for team Canada at WJHC and like Burrows when he first broke into the league. Failing to adjust will result in him losing a roster spot to younger, up and coming players.

UH, i think Kenins played his way onto the line-up. I doubt we are going to get Jensen into a 4th line winger job, he needs to be in a top 9 job.

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They won't trade him, at least right now. With Matthais/Richardson pending UFA's, and *hopefully* playoffs right around the corner, JB would be out of his mind to weaken depth down the middle. And that would leave only Horvat, Vey, Sedin signed through next year.

Now that JB has had a good look at Bones, maybe he can deal him at the draft, depending on how he deals with C depth. IMO Bonino is really a 3rd line C that can fill in on the 2nd line when needed, and we already have Horvat and hopefully Richardson/Matthais next year to round out the bottom 6.

The big question is whether JB thinks Vey can continue to elevate his game next year, and possibly step into the top 6? If so, might make bones tradeable for sure.

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higgins for a late second

bonino markstrom 3rd for couturier

hansen for a early third

weber for a late 4th

richardson for a third

tanev for yakupov and a 3rd

stanton fir bag of pucks

draft a bunch of dmen with all these extra picks

sedin sedin burrows

vrbata couturier yaks

kassian horvat virtanen

kenins mattias dorsett


hamhuis clendenning

edler corrado

sbisa bieska



young fiesty lineup with speed and grit the bottom two lines would be ultra fast and rough on teams

Terribad top to bottom with those trades...no explanation required.

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trade him for a first and sign a better UFA as 2C

Since you're the one to bring it up, what of the pending UFAs do you think we'll be able to sign and what do you think we'll be able to get them for? I say this in all seriousness, since I've looked at the pending UFAs and they aren't all that great. Richardson and Matthias are among the top 30 center UFAs for instance, and names like Horcoff and Matt Cullen are among to top ones available. Don't forget the value that's been mentioned already of Bonino's age, cap hit and production as something you're comparing to.

I meant to stop here and see your answer without giving you all the options but then I got to looking into it more deeply. Actually, I will stop and I'll save the rest for a new discussion thread on the subject in the proposals forum.

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Terribad top to bottom with those trades...no explanation required.

players we have are proven assets

even if they are someone limited

the view that trading these assets for unproven assets - picks

is flawed

many picks do not work out . they are risky

they also requiire development

and do not help presently

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I wonder if we could package him up with some other assets to get a bit better return,

Perhaps Bones, Tanev, Kassian + for Stome and Hamonic - don't know that they'd do that, but something like that is what I had in mind

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