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(Value of) Kadri/Bozak and JVR

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Toronto isn't even trying to hide the fact that they're going through a full rebuild and are willing to trade almost anyone. We need a legit second line in order to make a bigger push for the playoffs and I think trading for 2 of these guys will be great (if the price is right of course). If we HAD to make a decision on Kadri or Bozak, who would you choose? Bozak is more experienced and has more points on the season, but Kadri is 4 years younger and has a cap hit of only 2.9 mill a year (compared to 4.2 for Bozak). We would obviously need to clear some cap space if we want 2 of these guys, so who would you trade over to Toronto? If there's no way we could clear enough cap to get them, what if we go for just 1 guy instead? Who would that be?


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I see Kadri and JVR as the least likely to be moved. Kadri will likely sign a deal in the 5mil range this year. He is definitely someone they should keep. He draws penalties (last I checked he was 1st in the league), should score around 50 points with fairly mediocre line mates and has improved leaps and bounds defensively. He is definitely one of their most attractive assets.

JVR is also a really nice piece. At 4.25M he should easily get you around 50-60 points. I don't know whether the Leafs truly intend on gutting their roster but both these pieces are quite valuable to hold onto. I don't expect them to give them up quite so easily. Just look at how much Kane returned despite his issues and I think both these guys are worth more than Kane.

Bozak has much lower value. I don't expect him to return more than a 2nd + prospect.

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They aren't going to give up their good pieces for nothing. Looking at who they have they'll either be too expensive to go after (Rielly) or not pieces we'd really want (Kessel). These guys are in between to an extent but would still command enough in trade that I don't think it's realistic for the Canucks.

Both players you mentioned are not nhl ready.







We have time to wait for them.

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