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I Side With Test


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Basically asks questions about politics where you pick your opinion and weight its importance to you. It then matches how much you side with the major parties. There's a US version too, which has more questions, but most of the people here are Canadians I'm assuming. Post your results.

My results:



-NDP-51% (I'm surprised by this)


-Progressive Conservative-44%



-Bloc Quebecois-21%

-Christian Heritage-19%

Took the US one too and got this:








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Mine was:

- Conservative - 81%

- Progressive Conservative - 79%

- Christian Heritage - 72%

- Liberal - 53%

- NDP - 53%

- Bloc Quebecois - 34%

- Communist - 25%

- Green - 16%

- Libertarian - 13%

I too, am surprised at how high my NDP percentage is.

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I am a red-blooded commie.

I went out on the street today,

the Canadian dream was as far away,

as it's ever been.

As it's ever been.




L-I-S-M is here to stay!




L-I-S-M is the only way-yayayay!

Frozen land,

frozen minds,

frozen hands,

frozen time.

'Cause everything moves real slow when it's forty below.

Get Harper the frack out of there immediately.

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not a Canadian or USA citizen but decided do it anyway...


Constitution: 75%

Conservative: 71%

Democrats: 72%

Republicans: 69%


Rahul Gandhi: 84%

Narenda Modi:81%

Indian voters: 35%


Liberal: 83%

New Democratic:77%

Green: 74%

Communist: 68%

Conservative: 43%

BUT it´s based on my opinion only, I have a strict opinion about criminals and illegal immigrants but I also have flexible opinion about marijuana and enviromental issues...

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Communist 85%

NDP 84%

Liberal 76%

Progressive Conservative 74%

Green 73%

Christian Heritage 30%

Conservative 12%

Libertarian 9%

Bloc Quebecois 70%

Yeah, I think this test might me a little shallow in its questioning, considering the fact that I'm definitely not a communist.

Edit for the US:

Green 89%

Democrats 88%

Socialist 69%

Libertarians 59%

Constitution 25%

Conservative 13%

Republican 9%

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Green 90%

NDP 84%

Communist 77%

Liberal 70%

Bloc 64%

PC 34%

Libertarian 33%

Conservative 5%

Christians 5%

Weird how differently the questions are worded for the US one....but stil...

Green 95%

Democrats 92%

Socialist 65%

Libertarians 46%

Constitution 23% (what the hell is this party?)

Conservative 10%

Republicans 7%

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