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(Value of) Nail Yakupov

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So Yakupov has six goals and 17 points in 57 games this year (on pace for 9G 15A in 82 games). He's a -28 (tied for second last in the league), he is averaging 2:01 minutes of power play a game and has played a grand total of six seconds of box play the entire season.

These are some pretty bad stats for a guy drafted first overall just three years ago.

I refuse top believe that he is this bad, he has got to just have gotten off to a really bad start in Edmonton and I think a change of scenery would benefit him lots. You could argue that his value is at an all time low, but that has been true for the last two seasons, and who's to say that his value will get any higher as time progresses. He's turning 22 this year and has yet to prove anything in this league. If his bad play continues I really feel that he's value could almost disappear. The fact that he's Russian hence KHL threat doesn't help either, however the current financial situation in Russia is decreasing the possibility of earning a lot of money playing in the KHL, and Yakupov has never been a star in Russia (he play junior in Canada), so the chance of him pulling a Alexander Radulov isn't super high. But the possibility is there...

I truly believe that time is running out for the Oilers, Eberle is turning 25 this year, Hall 24, RNH 22, Justin Schultz 25, and so on, and so forth. It's not like they're about to retire but they're all entering the phases in their careers when they should be in their primes and thus they probably won't wanna stick around a rebuilding team much longer.

So my question is whether it would make sense for the Oilers to trade Yakupov this summer and what they could get in exchange for him?

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Look at his underlying numbers and those bad stats only get worse.

Pedigree isn't worth a can of dog food.

I think his value is in the range of a late 1st / high 2nd at best at this point - simply because he's still so young, otherwise, he's not translating at all. Some folks would pay more for "potential" - not me.

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I think the Oil have to trade him and eberly.trade Eberly for a package of decent players one or two,plus a good prospect that will play next year and a first to like the redwings or so.then use that low first plaus Yak to get a higher 1st plus a grinder for bottum 6 or young goalie that can start in the next year or two!After that trade thier first rounder highest to move down a few spots and get a goalie that can start!Then sign a couple players that can help lead them on ice and they will be damgerous!

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Ridiculous answers.

1st round pick

top prospect


Thanks for telling us what your ridiculous answer would be...

But I wouldn't give a late first in this draft, maybe next year. A 2nd I'd consider, same with a B prospect, but his attitude, effort level, actual production, KHL risk, etc. all add up to a lot of risk for a guy who should be better but clearly isn't at this point.

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