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Retire here?

Like the honored Canucks they are...

Oh you mean just like Trevor Linden? Or Marcus Naslund?

Oh that's right, both captains were shipped out on their final couple seasons.

Though i dont doubt that Trevor will have things differently this time, I'm not going to say "never" because of the nature of the business/ fans/ owners. -Short term memory. Sometimes it's just about money.

I could see them leaving Van for a couple years to play as a veteran presence. These guys aren't built on their speed, and could have prolonged careers if their minds are sharp and their bodies not too beat down.

Can't rule out the possibilities.

I think the Sedins will retire here though. Teams can generally make room for one retiree, but not two. If they leave early, it might be to go to Sweden. They're upset about how Modo is doing. The SHL in general is a fading force, because of the KHL attracting vets and NA junior/college leagues attracting more great prospects.
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These are two of the classiest guys in the history of the NHL. Every time I hear one of them speak I'm always impressed with what they say and how they steer around the BS that people dole out to them.

Having said that, they are definitely on the decline of their careers and are barely worthy of first line status anymore.

My question to you is:

Do we owe it to them to let them finish their careers where they started (thanks to Brian Burke) and be mediocre for a few seasons while we continue to give them first line roles, or

Do we try to trade them and get something of value that we can while they still have value?

On pace for 70+points, yet not first liners.

Shut up

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