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(proposal) Edmonton and Vancouver (A little of a long read).


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When I look at our prospect depth at center, we've got loads. This is a great problem to have, however, none of them have 1st line potential. McCann and Horvat MAYBE, but I still don't feel convinced. janisahockeynut made a Draisaitl proposal which got me thinking. Obviously, he's definitely someone you'd want, but our current trading method is trading for a player who is already, or about to pass the development stage.

janisahockeynut also provided a good statement that the Oilers are most likely going to pick a stud center with their first with the likes of McDavid, McEichel, etc. And then we have RNH. He's definitely a fit with us. He's not only 22, he's an NHL regular and so he'd be in our line-up as soon as we traded for him which fits the trading method we've been using. And with an Oilers team that is rebuilding it's already damn rebuild, I don't think RNH would want to be there considering the fact he would want to make the playoffs sometime during these years. RNH is also a BC boy, could mesh with our other BC boy in Virtanen, and both could ultimately make up a duo tandem, just like the Sedins. Obviously that's a little wishful thinking but it's not out of the reach. So I'm proposing a deal that could be reached on draft day.

To Oilers: Bonino, 2016 1st, Hamhuis, Lack..

To Vancouver: Ryan Nugent Hopkins, 2015 2nd, Tyler Pitlick.

This is would be a draft day trade. It'll help both teams a lot.

Oilers would either select Connor McDavid/ Jack Eichel with their 1st and both are franchise center-man that can step up immediately. Bonino is a decent 2nd line center that can help center their 2nd line and bring stability to it. He's a great Pk'er, who's got a great shot, and can definitely help on their PP.

They also get a veteran goaltender in Lack. He's a solid goaltender even though his stats aren't the greatest this year. That's most likely because he's not getting his starts frequently enough and so on and so forth. He'd help their goal-tending issues. Victor Fasth is a goaltender I think Edmonton will try to get rid of because he'd old, and isn't exactly great. Ben Scrivens is younger, but isn't a solid starting goaltender like Lack. And so a Lack/Scrivens duo would be good for a team that's looking to try and compete while obtaining picks and prospects.

We can afford to give up our 2016 1st. In fact, we can easily acquire one through trades with the pieces we have. That's not a huge problem as 2016 is merely as deep as the 2014 draft.

And then we can offload Hamhuis, who is an excellent servicable defenseman that can help their backend. He's a calm, good puck mover and his presence is definitely needed in Edmonton. He can help mentor the kids in the backend and is truly a great role model. He's definitely a huge part of our current core and so he'd cost a lot for teams to get him.

We get Ryan Nugent Hopkins, and he'd instantly be in our 2015-2016 line-up. He'd be our second line center that can put up reliable minutes and get a huge chunk of PP time. He's someone you really want to mesh well in the line-up because he would be our replacement of the Henrik Sedin in regards to 1st line duties.

We also get a 2015 2nd rounder to add to our draft picks, and we get a Tyler Pitlick, who hasn't bode well with Edmonton, but could use a little change of scenery as he was a former top prospect.


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Aside from anything else, is there any reason for Hamhuis to waive his ntc to join the Oilers?

I know, Garrison waived to join the Lightning. Edmonton isn't in Florida and the Oilers aren't the Lightning.

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I'd rather not give up Hammer, and without Nuge there's no guarantee that they'd have anything resembling a top-6 center group in the near future (as good as the Tavares', Stamkos' and the like have been, I still wouldn't be surprised if there were growing pains, and Nuge is still young to grow with and help groom the young elite prospect, whether McDavid or Eichel; without a vet #1, the rookie #1 center can get exposed too quickly), so I don't see why even a mismanaging team like the Oil would want to do that.

If the Oil don't plan on keeping all three (Nuge, McDavid, Draisaitl) I really hope we could pony up to get Leon and groom him for future #1 duties (he's now 19, so he should be old enough to play in the "A" next season). I'd move any of Gaunce, Lack, Corrado or vets to help provide complementary scoring to get him. In a couple years, any combo of Leon/ Bo/ Jared up the middle would be solid.

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As tyhee said, even if the value was equal, there's no way Hamhuis would wave his NTC to go to Edmonton.

Essentially the Canucks over pay of current NHL talent for one good potential NHL star. It just doesn't make sense for the Canucks to really downgrade our defense, along with other current positions at this point.

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The mind of oiler's management is weird, unpredictable and seemingly illogical. They've been at the bottom of the NHL for what a decade now? The problem with them is that their team is split between young talent and rental vets that tolerate being in Edmonton because it still allows them to collect an NHL paycheque.

Either RNH or Draisaitl would be great, but I certainly don't want to overpay them for it. Unless RNH makes this easier on us and just say he'd rather play in Van, Draisaitl would be the easier guy to pry since he's still unproven in the NHL. If Bonino, Tanev and a 2nd round pick isn't enough for Draisaitl then let the oilers win the McEichel sweepstakes, see if their still the league's worst team with 3 elite Cs and then lets see if we can deal for it.

This gives us time give Gaunce and Corrado an opportunity, see how McCann is progressing and dangle them for the Oilers.

Overall would rather have RNH, his contract is totally manageable and he's the best offensive prospect from BC in a long time, would make a great captain. Can't believe after nearly 5 year's he still wants to stick it out with such a mismanaged franchise.

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