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[Proposal] Vancouver <-> New Jersey

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Vancouver trades:

1st Round Pick (2015)

4th Round Pick (2015)

Brad Richardson (or Chris Higgins)

Zack Kassian

New Jersey Trades:

1st Round Pick (2015)

3rd Round Pick (2015)

Eric Gelinas

Ben Thomson

This seems unnecessarily complex. Why move all those pieces in one deal?

Basically NJ top 10 pick for our lower 1st round pick as Kassian for compensation. Richardson for a 3rd. 4th round pick for Ben Thomson and Eric Gelinas because Kassian and Richardson are both NHL ready?

I'd rather just give them our 1st rounder and Kassian for their first. Richardson and Corrado for Gelinas (unlikely that NJ will agree).

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I don't mind the value from the Canucks perspective-or overall, for that matter.

However, in my opinion historically the cost of moving up in the draft has been higher than the value of moving up in the draft-so New Jersey would almost certainly decline and almost certainly get a better offer if they wanted to move down.

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