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Among 19 yr old rookies, Bo is #3 in scoring


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That gaudreau kid should have some good consideration. for the calder hes 21 but a steal of a pick at 104.dont like the douchey nickname though

I know where you're coming from but he's an undersized rookie racking up points. I'll begrudge him the nickname for now.

Honestly? I'm kind of happy for Calgary that they have a rookie like him to be excited for. Nothing would give me more of a s**t eating grin than for the Canucks and flames to bounce a couple of California teams out of the playoffs and continue the playoff wars of the early 2000s.

Anyway though, Bo knows.

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Among all NHL rookie forwards, Bo is:

17th in goals,

14th in assists,

17th in points,

58th in ice time

All of his points are even strength; he hasn't been on the power play much until recently, and even still it's much less than...

Filip Forsberg. Just for a silly example, he averages 2:50 PP time per game. He has 17 PP points (5G/7A) which accounts for 34% of his total points. He has 33 even-strength points (14G/19A), playing 14:09 ES-TOI). He gets one ES point for every 24:02 ES minutes played or so. Horvat, over the course of the whole season, has been averaging an ES point for every 27.53 ES minutes played. As we all know, he's been improving his play and producing more lately (specifically, the second half of January and on). In the last 13 games, he's obtained 9 points (5G/4A) playing about 12:05 at ES, improving to an ES point for every 17:30 ES-TOI. (Edit: I should've just included all of 2015 for a better sample size, which would admittedly bring down those stats.)

Now obviously, he's probably not going to sustain that. That would be... something else to say the least. I think it's probably about 60-65% getting hot and 35-40% actual improvement in his game and growing into his potential as an NHL player. Forsberg is only 9 months older than Bo, but was drafted a year earlier and has played parts of two NHL seasons coming into this one (a total of 6P in 18GP). In the seasons prior to being drafted, he played for Leksands IF, which was at the time still in the second-tier league in Sweden (still playing against men, however). Also played a little over half a season in the AHL, accumulating 34 points in 47 GP last year. Compare this to Horvat: OHL groomed (obviously respectable, but still competing with kids), and of course never playing in the AHL as he got his full time NHL gig before he was old enough.

Obviously Forsberg is on a higher level for now and has the best chance at the Calder. This is more of a way to spitball where Borvat could potentially improve to in the next year or two. With their junior careers and current team roles considered, I feel while Bo may be a little behind Filip in terms of 'development,' he has the potential to be putting up as good a season or better than Forsberg's current one within the next two years. I also feel Bo is on par or better than Forsberg defensively (taken with a grain of salt, I haven't seen Forsberg play as much).

Anyways. It's late and I'm tired. My major point was supposed to be although I don't want to jump the gun, all I want is MORE HORVAT. MORE MORE MORE


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Oh please... Horvat is good.. But what are you trying to do? Compare him to Forsberg and Ekblad? They are in a different class than Horvat, for now.

Hard to really compare as they are different players in different roles.

Would Forsberg being a potential 40g - 100pts player be more valuable than the Norris-potential Ekblad who will put up 50+ points? And how does that compare to Bo Horvat whose trajectory will make him a 60-70pts shutdown Selke-level centre?

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Forsberg pretty much has the Calder locked up


Totally disagree, pretty sure Ekblad is right up there in the votings, if anything for me he has the edge.

Actually, this is Forsberg's 3rd year in the league, yes he only played 5 and 13 games the past two years, but still, it's not it's first camp, games.

Ekblad came in at barely 18 years old and played solid against men. 32 pts for a rookie defenseman, likely 10+ goals, 2nd in scoring on his team, with a below average team...

He has my vote.

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His quickness to loose pucks and speed with the puck have taken a huge jump forward in the last few weeks.

He never really look slow or out of place early in the season, but now he is starting to win races and go around guys down the wings.

Feeling the game more at the NHL level.

Truly fun to watch

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Previous regimes haven't given our rookies a legit shot at the NHL . Horvat has been given a fair shake and he's earning his ice time big time. He's one of the most important players on this team / going forward in the future.

You didn't need to make a new thread with a bunch of cherry picked stats for us to know all that. BO is doing just fine.

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