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Targeted picks at the draft (Discussion)


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Watching the game tonight reading CDC, HF Boards and listen to Team 1040, It has come to me that the following players will be dealt at the deadline.

Higgins, Lack, Richardson and Kassian

Not very brave....buts that's what my crystal ball said

What we should attempt to acquire is Pitts 2015-23 OA, Edmonton 2015-32 OA, Bostons 44 OA

I would be good with 2 out of the 3

Tne long shot is Matthais, as Benning wants him.......but he may want more,,,,,,it will be interesting it see what happens in less than 3 weeks

Any bets on who goes ay the deadline?

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I think Higgins will most likely go and maybe Lack, but they might wait until the draft to move him or Markstrom.

If Higgins is traded we'll assume Bonino shifts in first:





Okay, well now Richardson, who should be in. He's needed for the PK and Horvat's not ready for it. I guess alternating scratches could work though, but Vey, Kennis, and Kassian have all played well lately.

Higgins probably will only be able to bring in a 2nd. Similar thing with Lack. We could look at moving a D too (no, not Hamhuis), but not unless two of Edler, Bieksa, and Tanev are back.

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our penalty kill is like 70% without richardson, and he was by far our best bottom six player up until he got injured.

if he doesn't get re-signed, it'll be a big mistake.

I love Richie, and he's amazing at what he does, but at the same time, being the oldest of our UFA's, and with Horvat emerging, Richardson is expendable right now. I don't wanna see him go either, but it is the truth of the matter.

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Richardson is old and we have way too many replacement bottom-9 centres to fill his role comfortably. Here's our depth chart without Richardson next season (assuming he gets a year older and the kids get a year better):








Who knows if Cassels and McCann are ready for the NHL/AHL next season, but Gaunce is doing well in Utica and probably deserves some NHL games next year. Horvat is playing as our 2nd line center right now and thriving without Bonino and Richardson in the lineup. He played 15 minutes against the Wild and scored a huge 3rd period go ahead goal, and was buzzing all night long. Matthias is really exploding this season too, and although he may not be really consistent, he's good enough for bottom-6 minutes. That leaves the ageing Richardson on the outside looking in, and with cap restraints I'd be happy to let him go.

He wouldn't fit on the wing either with Jensen, Shinkaruk, Kassian, Vey, Kenins etc. all vying for minutes, and Virtanen may be ready to contend for a spot too considering how physically mature he is.

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higgins, richardson, a goalie, jensen, vey, stanton, websr, tanev in my eyes could all be packaged for picks and tanev could get a nice young top six winger

id trade tanev stanton and weber to oilers for yakupov and a second

higgins for a late second

richardson fir a third

jensen vey and markstrom to isles for pulock and a 3rd

resign mattias and kenins and dorsett

sedin sedin vrbata

burrows bonino yakupov

kassian horvat hansen

kenins mattias dorsett


edler pulock

hamhuis clendening

sbisa bieska




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Brad Richardson isn't old. He's 30. I'm certain management will re-sign him because even though we do have Gaunce and Cassels in the wings, Richardson is the safety net in case both don't make it. Gaunce should make the jump by now, however I do think he'll get his 9 games next season early on and they'll go from there while Richie is still on the main roster.

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Well op I would think Edmonton would be interested in Tanev, Kassian and Lack for sure. I wouldn't want to trade Tanev and Kassian however I think those players could land the picks you desire.

For your threads argument sake,

Tanev, Lack, Kassian to Edmonton

Yakupov, Pittsburgh(1st) Edmonton(2nd) (likely32 or 33 overall)

Maybe a deal based around that.

Personally I wouldn't want that trade done but it acquirers the picks you want and helps Edmonton with what they need.

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Higgins & Hansen, out at trade deadline.

Richardon is UFA and will likely walk, but I’m ok with that, he will be key for any sort of success this post season. Not every UFA you need to get assets back. There is a good chance that both Matthias and Dorsett both walk out at the end of the year, but for now they are more important to the team, than the 3rd or 4th round pick they get us in return.

That leaves us with the following heading into playoffs

Sedins- Burr

Vey Bonino Vbrata

Matthias Richardson Kassian

Kenins Horvat Dorsett


Then Lack & one of Hammer/Bieska out at draft.

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These are definitely Ramblings....

All and all, I think it's been a breath of fresh air to see some of the young ones this year, Kenins, Horvat, Vey, etc......I am thinking that with the cap issues, UFA's and the league as a whole, your going to see teams get younger.

I am not saying we have to play with just young guns, but it suits many purposes, to get younger, when the 2 players are pretty much equal, lets take the young inexpensive one.

I have been an advocate of moving some of the older players out while they have value. when you look at the forwards for example, there are players that we can move that will possibly hurt, but that we have replacements for.

Vrbata, Higgins, Burrows.................I would "try" to move 2 of these guys out

Vrbata will bring you a first+, and Higgins a late second or late third........why would a non playoff team want Higgins?

Matthais, Richardson, and Dorsett..........................love them all......can't keep them all, unless we move some serious money

Question for me is on defense, where we need Hamhuis, Edler and Tanev, but may have to move one because to Tanev's contract

I would try to move Bieksa..........who I would really want to keep for his intangibles....but I don't see anyway out of it

I say move Hamhuis if he will go........oldest and brings back a great return..............2015-1st plus a prospect

Goalies..........I would love to keep Lack, but he goes, because Miller is better, and too big of contract to move.......didn't like Benning for that one.

Lack bring a good return in a package

So, although I said Higgins, Lack, Richardson and Kassian. I really only want to move Higgins and would move others instead.

Someone has suggested Lack, Tanev and Kassian for Yakapov, Pitts 2015-1st, and Edmonton's 2015-2nd...

I would do Hamhuis, Lack, Kassian and Hansen for Yakapov, Pitts 1st, Edmonton 2nd

I think Edmonton takes it and runs

But what it really comes down to in Vancouver is .............Cap ..vs ..Tanev vs ..UFA's

One thing for sure, I don't think the team looks anything like it does today........good luck Benning!

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