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I have a TomTom. It's pretty good. One feature to look for is lifetime map updates.

Big picture though, I've recently abandoned it and instead use Google Maps on my smart phone. It's way more up to date and super easy to use. The only trick, is I think you have to have a good data plan for that to work.

I just save the TomTom now for if I go to the U.S. That way I don't have to worry about roaming data.

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GARMIN all the way...

try the AERA 500. easy, simple to use and very precise. AND you can use it global (just upload the data on the gps)...

and it´s a Garmin. once you get the signal 99% of the time you will not lose it. AND you can also get the Aviation mode if you need :)

How was Valentine's?
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garmin and tomtom are both good, as long as you get the higher models. the cheaper models are severely lacking in features and usablity. in all honesty, just use a smartphone with google maps. if you set your route over wifi and then turn off your data it will still have your route that you can follow. Though if you miss your turn it won't correct you, and it won't announce the names of streets and whatnot (i think). still, smartphone gps has pretty much eliminated my use of the tomtom.

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