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Chances of our prospects being NHL players


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Just for a lark, what would you say the chances of our prospects becoming legitimate NHL players are? I know it's nearly impossible to tell at this point, but just go with your gut feeling.

Some of my rankings

Horvat- 95%

Virtanen- 85%

McCann- 75%

Gaunce- 70%

Shinkaruk- 60%

Jensen- 50%

Demko- 65%

Hutton- 70%

Fox- 25%

Corrado- 85%

Cassels- 75%

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Depends on what your definition of an NHL player is.

If it means playing 1 game in the nhl I believe all of the listed players have a 99% chance of that, Horvat has already met that criteria.

If it means playing in 50 games I think fox and hutton drop off the list, maybe even demko as goalies are hard to predict.

If it means playing in 200+ games. A number a lot of analysts and bloggers use as a benchmark I think Horvat,Virtanen, and McCann are the only ones who have a better than 75% chance. Cassels is my wild card as his improvement has been at a steeper curve to most other prospects. Shinkaruk, Gaunce and, Jensen could end up being nothing more than call ups and AHL fodder and I still see risk in Jensen bolting to europe if he doesn't eventually get a chance to stick with the club.

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As mentioned before, what do you mean by "NHL player"?

If say Jake Virtanen ends up being a 1000 games played 4th line grinder, would that be considered as successful?

Although I wouldn't consider that to be "successful", per se, that would obviously count.

I realize that "legitimate NHL player" is a somewhat relative term. Basically what I mean is that they become a player that spends the majority of their career in the NHL. Be it as a top line talent, or a 4th line grinder.

What I did in my original post was just a sampling. Feel free to rank or talk about any young player that you wish.

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