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Pekka Rinne - Save of the Year Candidate


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Wow, that was skill and a lot of luck! lol

I don't think any goalie in the world has better combined size, strength, reflexes, and athleticism than rinne. There aren't many goalies in the world that would have saved those shots.

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Yup, but Habs fans believe Price is the only choice for Vezina and Hart.

His numbers don't lie

You should watch a Habs game or two when you have a chance

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Lethenon is a human highlight reel

Meaning he's often out of position, but yeah, he definitely is

4 great saves by Rinne, however his backup has, in my opinion, the save of the year. Carter Hutton everybody.


For sure cannot overlook this haha - definitely the best save so far

Yes, but they make it seem like it's not even close, like Rinne is Cloutier and Price is Dom Hasek.

Not really. A lot of Habs fans respect Rinne - it's just that Price has been better so far this year. The difference doesn't have to be Cloutier-Hasek for someone to say that Hasek is going to win a trophy - it's Price's to lose as it stands. He could very well lose it by the season's end, so we'll see.

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