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Jagr would still be great with the Sedins I think, but unless he's coming here for a 4th rounder or worse there is no point in going after him now.

Honestly I'd like to see Jagr go back to where it all started. I think him and Malkin could be nasty. Everyone always talks about Crosby but it'll be Malkin that decides how far that team is going to go.

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retain cap hes not making that much his contracts up after this yr id be all for him. i love how you tools think hes to old the guys a stud id take him on this team at 50. jagr has at least two more yrs of producing like a second liner can u imagine him on pp with hendrik and vrbata im sure hed help team sign him for two more yrs. Then get rid of higgins and hansen and richardson for picks give devils a middle level prospect and a 3rd. jags can teach kassian and horvat how to become champs the guy has 29 points on a offensively challenged team thats scored like 126 goals

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Jagr isn't just some aging vet. He's a player who has scored over 700 career goals. I doubt anyone else playing today will get to 700 (maybe Ovi. .maybe)

I am not saying give up a prime prospect or anything like that, but if nothing else he could help the Canucks power play. Maybe future considerations?

Once the playoffs start, who knows how thin the team will be, a guy like Jagr would come in handy

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Would love to see a legend like him in a Canucks uni. But aside from that, I don't think his play today is the right thing for the Canucks. We don't need more older peripheral players. And that's more of what Jagr has become lately. Even admitting to it in the OP. Youth, speed, and bodies in front is what we need.

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I can't see it for just about every possible reason you could think about from

Timing is wrong

Western Conf not his preference

Only a stop gap player

Other teams outbidding us

No room, we can't seem to get rid of our bottom depth redundancy

We are looking to get younger

.... the list goes on and on. Having said that I love Jags and would love him on the team for a year.

Totally agreed with this list. That said I think it depends on what it costs to get him. If it doesn't cost a top prospect, high pick or top roster player (I'd move Hansen + pick, for instance) then I'd pull the trigger.

Danny - Hank - Vrbata,

Burr - Bones - Jagr,

Matthias - Richie/ Vey - Kassian

Kenins - Horvat - Dorsett

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Jagr would still be great with the Sedins I think, but unless he's coming here for a 4th rounder or worse there is no point in going after him now.

Jagr would be a very interesting linemate for those two - he plays a "slow" game - he's not really suited to up tempo hockey at this point - but the Twins puck possession game, their cycling game, their pitch and catch game, their strength on the boards - it would be fun to watch - when they actually have possession. Not sure I'd be a fan of them in (defensive) transition though...

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He's slow he's lax in production lately and honestly aside from a PP specialist is a liability 5V5

Add in our travel sched...come on man. You're paying for the name and the Devils want a premium.

I take back my comment about his 5V5 play

But the rest of it still stands.

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I don't doubt that Jagr could help us. I just question what we would have to give up to get him. Benning would have to decide if he thinks we have a chance at a cup run or not.

If the price doesn't hurt us, then I'd say go for it. Just don't trade away any of our future assets just to get a rental. Period,

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I have criticized others for posting GM suggestions and this isn't one. I wanted to see what other fans had to say about what the pros and cons would be if the team brought in Jagr for the end of the year, with the idea he might play another year. This isn't a 'I like this and don't like that player and I wanna see him gone' thread.

Does adding Jagr improve this team? I know the current situation is one of severe depth trouble on D due to injuries. I am thinking more about next year than this one, but there are a few reasons I think it would make sense to do it right now instead of waiting to see what he'll want to do in the summer. He says he plans to keep playing if he can make a lineup next year.

If you were building the lineup would you split the Sedins to play with both Vrbata and Jagr or would you put Jagr on the second line to play with BO HORVAT next year..?


-Point production and offensive IQ

-Size and reach, ability to extend possession times

-Jagr on the powerplay with or without the Sedins

-A great example for younger guys to observe and lean from

-Seems to have a good attitude and is familiar with frequent media interface


-Age, though the number means little he won't last forever

-Current cap hit, though the salary is low

-Speed, he is still mobile but won't have the extra gear younger guys have but this is already a problem for a few Canucks


"I think some teams worry about when I go there I want to be on the first power play, I want to be on the first line; it's not true," Jagr said. "I'm here on the third line, and I play 15 minutes, sometimes I don't get on the power play, and I'm happy. Not happy, but I do my job. I try to do it the best. I think sometimes the teams or the coaches, they think, he always plays on the outside. I know where's my strength. I like to play offensive zone on the boards. I still feel like I'm strong enough to beat anybody, at least hold that puck. If it's true or not, I still believe in it. Maybe I'm not going to beat that guy one-on-one like I used to, but I can still make a play from that corner from the cycle. That's my strength. And in the playoffs that's the way you play. I don't have to play 40 minutes."

"What we're saying about, and I agree, is that he's in phenomenal shape, is still contributing, and could be an asset to anybody depending on what they needed, if that were the case," Lamoriello said.


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