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The ultimate rental?

He's 42, would be 43 next season, is on an expiring contract. He'll be an UFA. While still useful, there's no question his production is fading. Those 700 + goals are in the past. There won't be many in the future. His cap hit this year is $5.5 million which, if the Canucks managed it for this season somehow, they don't have room for next season if they wanted to sign him for next year.

For a 42 year old rental, what makes sense for a team that needs to get younger to give up? A prospect we've given up on, a player we don't want, maybe a very low-6th or 7th round-pick, or some combination of those unwanted pieces? Certainly for a couple of months this season it doesn't make sense to give up even a mid round pick or a useful roster player that might be with the Canucks in the future.

But of course, those spare unwanted pieces wouldn't be enough to get him. The Devils would only consider it if they want to get rid of his salary for the remainder of the season.

His cap hit is too much, his salary is too much and could get in the way of another roster move, one for a player that might actually help in the future when the retooled team has realistic Cup hopes again.

This shouldn't happen. It might make sense for some other teams. It doesn't make sense for the Canucks.

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His production has faded playing limited time on an offensively challenged team.

Who says we have to give up a prospect? I could name two 30 and up roster players not named the Sedins with enough value to make the trade, and there would be more salary and cap hit going the other way.

Jagr's salary is only 3.5. If 3.5 is too much for a generational offensive player with more size than anyone on the team then what does it say about our current payroll despite being younger? Who says what we could give isn't enough, and who says it has to be a prospect or a pick? Dump an old guy or two to get an older guy and a roster spot for another young guy. Hockey trades between older players are not too heavy.

Guy above made a lot of assumptions and conclusions there based on them. I don't see how it doesn't make sense for this team, and not another team as we see every year, take home something special instead of us.

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"New Jersey will receive Florida's second-round pick in the 2015 NHL Draft and a third-round pick in 2016."

And so it is, that Jagr is content with not going to a 'contender' after all, and the price wasn't terrible.

As the Canucks are looking good and poised to make it into the playoffs, no less. I guess they would have needed to dump cap? Would have been fun to watch.

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