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Most Desirable NHL City?


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Doesn't make sense... They must have no brains. It's repeatedly named one of the most livable cities on earth.

Hmmm I doubt it if you're making 1+ million. It might just apply to the everyday average Joe making 5 figures.

Not everyone enjoys 2 months of sun followed by rain, wind and slush. Liveable, yes. Likeable, not so much.

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Does no one realise that the most desirable poll was not a player poll? Only the 5 least desirables cities polled from player agents was.


The poll for most desirable city was among Calgary Sun readers. I bet if Calgary were an option a bunch of them would have picked that.

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Doesn't Florida have no income tax or something ridiculous like that? Without accounting tax, this is my top five based on weather, fanbase, and location.

1) Montreal

2) Tampa Bay

3) Vancouver

4) Denver

5) Anaheim

Florida and Texas have no state income tax on individuals. Two states sometimes mentioned in expansion rumours, Nevada and Washington state, also have no state income tax on individuals.

Until seeing butters post that the poll wasn't from players I was puzzled why Tampa wasn't first choice. It has great climate, a good organization and team and no state individual income tax.

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